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Coding Competition for Beginners Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared Coding Competition for Beginners Student, I have joined Coding Competition and I have seen different trick able questions such as Array, Loop etc. Mostly you can use loops and make different shapes, display prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers etc, and Using Array you can store records, display records, update record etc. Basically, Coding Competition is very important to check student mind status, you can solve different questions but you can’t complete work on the time. …

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Java Programming For Beginners Tutorial in Urdu

Java Programming For Beginners

Today I have shared Java programming for beginners video training in Urdu/Hindi Language. It is one of the most popular OOP languages. It helps programmers to develop a wide range of applications that can run on various hardware and Operating System (OS). It is also a platform that creates an environment for executing Java application. It caters to small-scale to large-scale problems across the Internet. Below, I have shared complete knowledge about Java, futures and Video Trainings in Urdu/Hindi Language, …

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Complete Guide Sql Server Aggregate Functions


SQL Server Aggregate Functions help to perform analysis across rows, such as counting rows meeting specific criteria or summarizing total sales for all orders.  SQL Server Aggregate functions return a single value and can be used in SELECT statements with a single expression, such as SELECT, HAVING, and ORDER BY clauses. SQL Server 2012 Tutorial Store Procedure in Urdu Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial Entity Relationship Model Tutorial Data Normalization Aggregate functions ignore NULLs, except when using COUNT(*).  SQL Server …

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ArrayList in Java Tutorial in Urdu

ArrayList in Java

Today, I have shared completely usage of ArrayList in Java. The ArrayList class is an implementation of the List interface in the Collections Framework. The ArrayList class creates a variable-length array of object references. The ArrayList class includes all elements, including null. In addition to implementing the methods of the List interface, this class provides methods to change the size of the array that is secondhand inside to store the list. Each ArrayList instance includes a capacity that represents the …

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How to Buy Domain Name Video Tutorial


Today, I have the tech you How to Buy Domain Name Online, there are different Domains Companies available on the web, popular domains companies such as Godaddy, NameCheap etc. If you face any problem to buy a Domain Name with International or Local Companies, I have solved your problem, Kindly watch on a video tutorial, you will understand as well. However, if you want to start a Blog or Website, you must be required Domain Name and Web Hosting, then …

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Online Adobe Photoshop Alternatives Tutorial in Urdu


Photoshop Online Free Alternatives you can use without Installation on your computer. But you will require the internet to use, without the internet you don’t use them. Everyone Developer and Graphics Designer using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for different purposes such as Logon Design, Banner Design, Image Design and much more. Adobe Photoshop is a Desktop application which is install on your Computer, So, you can use Adobe Photoshop on your personal computer, you don’t use with another computer. …

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What is 404 Page Not Found Error and How Fix It.

404 Not Found

404 Not Found Error which is displayed Google Webmaster Tools and our website any misplaced page, there are many reasons to create 404 not Found Error. First is Developer create any mistakes such as change post or page permalink, delete a post without remove URL Google Webmaster Tools, Include Outbound link with misspelled, Server Does not Working Properly and another reason any users enter any wrong URL with our post like, to faced 404 not found the error. Finally, …

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How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger


Today I have the tech you How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger, we are using different two platforms such as WordPress or Blogger, but blogger is a free platform which is provided with us free web hosting service and Domain Name. If, you have used Blogger Platform, and you have chosen any domain name like “gorakhnews” after that “” automatically added in  your Domain Name,  and your complete URL is “” why?  You have used free service. …

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Java Swing Set Look and Feel Tutorial in Urdu


Look and Feel is representative design pattern in Java, Look is apply with your application elements such as Shapes, Layout, Colors and Feel change your application performance of active elements like Menus, Buttons, ad Boxes. Basically, we are making an application with the help of Java, and we are using code editor IDE namely NetBean or any others. NetBean is provided with us Design pattern mode, you can easily drop and drag elements and you can use elements different properties …

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