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How to Use Joins in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu


Today, We Will learn How to Use Joins in SQL Server in Urdu/Hindi Language. Basically, Joins are used to view record multiple tables. There are four types of Join, they are working different, but mostly use Inner Joins to view multiple table record.  You have made many different tables, and you have included relationship one to many or many to many. So, you will run a query like “select * from table name”, you doesn’t display readable record. So, Users …

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How to Fill Combobox from Database C# Tutorial


Today, We Will Learn How to Fill Combobox from Database C#, I think, more than beginners facing a problem to fill the Combobox from Database. I have seen different videos, but they are made by simple usage of Combobox. So, I, want to share How to Fill Combobox from Database C#. Recently, I have shared How to Connect C# with Database, kindly watch first it, then you will easily understand. Basically, Combobox is a collection, you can store multiple records …

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How to Get YouTube Subscribers Tutorial in Urdu


Today, we will learn How to get YouTube Subscriber using Facebook. YouTube is a Second Search Engine, I think 90% percent users working on YouTube to earn money very well. 10% percent users promote products / services on YouTube. But, you will learn another knowledge about YouTube. Basically, 04 Billion Videos are viewed every day. 60 hours videos published every minute and 800 Million visitors visit on YouTube every month. In this Tutorial, You will learn How to Get YouTube …

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How to Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint Tutorial in Urdu


Today, We Will Learn How to Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to make presentations for a different purpose. Microsoft PowerPoint easily uses and you can design beautiful presentations. There are different presentations templates available in PowerPoint. You can choose any one template and Make a presentation as Well. Furthermore, you can use include the different audio format in permeation. The PowerPoint audio supported namely .mp3, .wav, .midi, .aiff, and .au. This different audio format you can …

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How to Build an Email List with Facebook Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Today we will learn How to Build an Email List with Facebook, on the most important Digital Marketing tool Email Marketing. If you want to promote products or any other services, you can use different products to promote products with targeted users. But If wants to promote products and get the quick response, I prefer you must use Email Marketing. Email Marketing is very helpful tools, which is use promote any products or service with targeted peoples than you will …

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How to Extract ISO File Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Today We Will Learn How to Extract ISO File Using WinRAR Software. Basically, more than high capacity application available in ISO File, but more than users faced problem to extract ISO File. There are many software available on the web to extract ISO File. But today we will learn How to Extract ISO File Using WinRAR Software. WinRAR is a desktop application, which is used to compressed and protected files and folder, I think more than users used above WinRAR …

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How to use Subquery in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared How to Use Subquery and SQL Subquery Example, A Subquery is a simple select statement, that returns  a single value and can be nested internal a SELECT, UPDATE INSERT, or DELETE command. It is also possible to nest a subquery inside another subquery. According to MSDN, subqueries can be nested up to 32 levels. Subqueries are always enclosed in parenthesis and also called as inner queries, and the query containing subquery is called as outer query. …

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How to Use Heading Tags to Get More Organic Traffic


There are Six Headings Tags <h1> to <h6>, you can use them on your articles websites/blogs. Headings is very important for Search Engine Optimization, users you have visited different blogs/website. And you have seen more than bloggers use heading tags to break content. That’s very important to use heading tags for break content, I mean any visitors come on your blog, then who easily read your article. If you wrote an article and you don’t have included headings tags, then …

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