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10 Common SEO Mistakes Made by Article Writers


Today I have shared 10 Common SEO Mistakes, Basically, I have seen different websites bloggers simply write an article and published on personal website/blog. Who has does optimized articles and SEO technics, and they does not rank a post /keyword in search engines. Why? That’s simple answer, they do not follow on SEO technics, but don’t worry, today I have shared complete knowledge about this topic. I hope you follow them and you can easily rank page or keyword in search engines, yes, you can do it.

However, I have already ranked a Keywords / posts in Search Engines, So, I want to share these important technics. If you want to rank a keyword in search engines follow me. I have explained completely and clearly about this topic, if you have followed in this tutorial, I hope you have ranked keyword/post in search engines easily.

Common SEO Mistakes

Top 10 Common SEO Mistakes Details Below

There are 10 Common SEO Mistakes for made by Content Writers, So, you must understand Common SEO Mistakes, below you see complete details one by one, and If you face any problem to understand, I have included video tutorial about this topic, hope you video tutorial helpful for you, and you can easily understand it.

Does Not Research Keyword/Find

More than bloggers who has simple choose a topic or find a topic, and who has written an article, that’s not good work, and who has does not rank a page or keyword in search engines. Basically, you have written an article, and your main focus is topic or title. But you don’t know about users search keyword/ topic on search engines. For Examples you have written an article about “Java Programming” and users search “Java Programming Language”, that’s different about (Research Keyword/Find). I have already shared Keyword Research Tools.

You must be Research or Find Keyword after that’ you can write an article on your keyword base. However, Different tools like Google Keyword Planner Tools and Webtextool available for Research a Keyword / find, but one free and one is paid, you can choose any one tools. WebTextTool is paid but you can use it trial base.

Keyword Density

Second is content or article writer, who has simply write an article, who has does not follow on Keyword Density Policies. Basically, Keyword Density is played the main role for optimization your content/article, It is very important on your article SEO optimization, Keyword Density Means(Repetition), Google allow us keyword repeat 1.5%-3%, you have repeated a keyword maximum 3% percent in the single article. You don’t repeat a keyword above 3%.

Title Tag Out Of Control

I have seen a different blogger use long Title tags, and Google does not display complete title tag in the search engine. Google display Title Tag Maximum (08 Words) in Search Engines, and If you have entered 09 words or 10 words, they are do not displayed in Search Engines. So, I recommended with you entered a Title Tags maximum (30-35 Characters).

Meta Description Exceed

Meta Description is entered out of limit in search engines, you have entered maximum 140 characters does not exceed, your article first main role in Title Tag and second is Meta Description, so, you entered character carefully, attractive, related in your content and count them.  

Non-Optimization Permalink

There are three main part for display on your post in search Engines above and explained about Title Tag and Meta Description, the third is Permalink. That’s is very important for your content / post rank in Search Engines, you should be entered maximum 35-40 characters. If you have entered long / exceed permalinks Google crop a exceed words, that’s not good work.

Missing H2 Sub Heading in Content/Article.

You must be included H2 Sub Heading in your article/content, that’s very important and play the main role in your article, basically, We are published a post/article our Title Tag is displayed H1 Headings after that we should be included H2  sub-Heading inside article, and Search Robots as good understand on your article/content.

Never Highlight Keywords (Bold and Italic).

We are writing an article, and we are simply justified text, and you don’t highlight means blog or italic text. But you must be highlighted means Bold and Italic in your main keyword,  after that’s you tell Search Robots that’s is important words.

Write Short Article

Users, If search a Google any keyword Google Display Top 10 Website in the first page, you will click any one website, you can see who has written article/content maximum 2000 words, that’s very important to rank a website or keyword/post, but you have written an article maximum 500 words or above as you wish.

Images Missing Alt Attribute

Image Alt Attribute, if you don’t include Alt Attributes on your image, robots don’t read your images and don’t get quality organic traffic from image search. Mostly users come on your website for image behalf. So, you must be included 03-04 words in Alt Attribute.

Main Keyword Missing in You Title Tag and Meta Description

The main keyword must be entered one time in your Title Tag and Meta Description, don’t repeat the main keyword in your title tag and Meta description. That’s final ways for your complete articles/content optimized as well.

Above All about 10 Common SEO Mistakes for made by content writers, if you want to rank a keyword / post in search engines read the complete article, I have included complete details, and I have made a video tutorial on this topic.

10 Common SEO Mistakes Tutorial in Urdu

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