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What is 404 Page Not Found Error and How Fix It.


404 Not Found Error which is displayed Google Webmaster Tools and our website any misplaced page, there are many reasons to create 404 not Found Error. First is Developer create any mistakes such as change post or page permalink, delete a post without remove URL Google Webmaster Tools, Include Outbound link with misspelled, Server Does not Working Properly and another reason any users enter any wrong URL with our post like www.learn2free.com/abc, to faced 404 not found the error.

Finally, reason doesn’t our mistake, but Google Crawl index these URLs and sends with 404 portions. Above all steps are create 404 page not found the error. So, I have understood How Does Resolve it and I have made a video tutorial on this topic, I have discussed one by one and clearly.

404 Not Found

Basically, we are seen 404 Not Found Error in my Google Webmaster Tools, but we don’t focus these error, I think more than the developer doesn’t open Google Webmaster Tool. I recommended you must be daily login GWT and check complete website status such Index, Site Structure, Backlinks, Errors and much more.

Now come to the point, 404 not found the error this issue doesn’t affect without SEO or our website, but you do work with professional way, this issue faced by top bloggers. But who has already understood it, and they are working carefully. So, 404 not found the problem is handle as well, and you can do with carefully. You don’t face this issue.

If you have any knowledge about it, that’s great but you don’t have any knowledge about it, kindly follow my video tutorial, then you can easily understand and you can easily do it. However, I have made video training about this topic and I have explained to you as well.

How to Fix 404 Not Found Tutorial in Urdu

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