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Make Money with BuySell Ads Tutorial in Urdu


BuySell Ads approve account training in Urdu, users we will make a blog and set a mind to make money with Google Adsense or another advertisement companies. I’m working in this field for 04 years and everyone talk with Google Adsense and some peoples ask me Do You have Google Adsense Account. I told with a user I don’t have Google Adsense Account. Users I have discussed main Advertisement Company BSA.

The difference of Google Adsense and BuySell Ads. Google Adsense Account approved very easily, but some policies you must be followed and your account has been approved with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a CPC (Cost per Click) pay with you. If any users click on your Google Adsense ads after you make money with Google Adsense. It is the simple introduction to Google Adsense.


BSA it is largest Advertisement Company It is the simple procedure to approve your site and make money on this advertisement company. It is pay with monthly and price will decide with you, but your visitors must be high-quality level  and impressions. I, hope you will earn in this platform $500 to $1000 per monthly. So, I suggested with all my users to improve your site and increase visitors to apply BSA.

Approve Your Account BSA.

  • The site must receive 30,000 monthly impressions.
  • The site must be in  The English language not any other  languages acceptable.
  • The site must have a professional looking design.
  • The site must have at least 50-60 posts/articles.
  • The site must be at least 06 months old.
  • No, Adult Content.
  • No Cracking Material.
  • No Hacking Material.

There are some requirements to approve your BSA very easily. After complete above requirements to apply with BSA. If you don’t follow policies and apply with BSA your account will be disapproved and wait to 06 months, after complete 06 months you will apply again. So, complete requirements and apply with BSA.

After that, you will make money at home. Furthermore, if you face any difficulty in reading my article or don’t understand it to watch my video tutorial in this topic to help with on this topic. I have discussed one by one option with examples you learn it very easily.

Make Money with BuySell Ads Tutorial in Urdu

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