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Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog


Hello, everybody, I hope you all of fine, today I have shared with best Google AdSense Alternatives. However, If you want to Make Money on Blog without AdSense that’s possible and best earning results. Basically, I have seen different blogs running without AdSense monetization and they earn money with the blog as well.

If you understood to your blog is completely follow on Google AdSense policies after that I recommended with you apply now on Google AdSense, if AdSense doesn’t approve your website/blog for some reasons, you can apply with AdSense Alternatives like Media.Net, Infolinks, AyBoll, Adversal, and Viglink  that’s best advertisements network and you can earn it as well.


AdSense Alternatives


Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Your Blog

I, have written complete details above advertisements network, you can choose any network and apply now, but if you want to earn more money for advertisement networks you must be increased traffic, I hope you website traffic increased you have earned good money on the internet.



Basically, Yahoo and Bing jointly provided with Best AdSense Alternatives Media Net  it is contextual ads networks and high paying, media net is pay with you CPM(Cost Per Mile). If you want to approve in you website/blog for Yahoo and Bing Networks. First of all your website visitors must become USA and UK after that your website/blog easily approved on it and Earn Money with Media net Advertisement as well. I have seen with a different website using media net ads and who has earned money as well without AdSense.



Infolinks is PPC (Pay per Click) advertisement network that’s is the best platform for earn money online, it is best Best Google AdSense Alternatives. Your website/blog easily approved on Infolinks after that you can earn money on it as well, but I have discussed above you must be increased website/blog traffic after increased traffic your website/blog you can earn money as well with Infolinks advertisements network, basically, I have already made a video training about Infolinks, I recommended with you must be watch.




AyBoll CPA networks and display native ads on your blog/website. There are three simple steps to approve your website and start earning minimum 03 minutes. Ayboll best AdSense Alternatives for your blog, are you ready to monetization AyBoll ads? AyBoll provided with you Widget Ads you can insert for any place on you website. You withdrawal payment minimum $100 and Ayboll payment methods is skrill or Bank Transfer. If you have used WordPress Platform you use WordPress Plugins.



Adversal is best best AdSense Alternatives advertisement network. Basically, Sometime Ago I have used Adversal Ads on my website and earn money without AdSense. However, Adversal requirements monthly page views of 500,000 for approving your website, but that’s wrong I, have applied some time ago and my website is approved by Adversal and me, Have inserted Ads on my website but my monthly page views do not 500,000 per month. So, I have recommended to you try now it.



Viglink it is different for above AdSense Alternatives, that’s is work is like Affiliate Marketing. Viglink is inserted with affiliate links on your blog/website with different E-Commerce or Business websites and you can earn money on it by sell products. Basically, Viglink ads program is SEO Friendly. If you don’t like on above Alternative, you try now on this program.

These are AdSense Alternatives if you have blog/website and you can earn money online, simply choose any above advertisement platform monetization you blog and earn money as well. I hope you are understood as well about Google AdSense Alternatives, I hope you like it, kindly share with friends and subscribe your email, follow on my website YouTube Channel and Social Network Pages like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for post updates. if you have any question / suggestion about to kindly Email me or comment, After received your Email or Comment I will reply with your answer about 24 Hours. Thanks for the visit and Read my Complete Article. Keep Touch my website. 

  • According to the list and my knowledge media dot net is not a good option in India as they are not providing a good return while chitika is better than media dot net ya infolinks are good but Adsense is far away from these. If you have decent traffic than you can move to tribal fusion which is also a excellent option.

    • Basically, I, Have shared different Advertisement platform, if you like any one as you wish. Thanks For Suggest and Visit my Website.