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Best WordPress Security Plugin | iTheme Security Tutorial


Today, I have shared Best WordPress Security Plugin namely (iTheme), which is use to Secure WordPress Site. There are different Security plugins available, more than plugins are paid and some plugins are free, you can use free or paid security plugin for security purpose as you wish.

Everyone WP users use different security plugins, but today, I have shared knowledge about Best WordPress Security Plugin namely (iTheme Security) plugin. iTheme Security plugin is using 700,000+ and latest version is 5.4.3, which is update quickly.  basically, previously I am used Wordfence Security Plugin, but this plugin creates some problems.


So, I have removed WordFence Security plugin, and I have installed iTheme Security Plugin. iTheme Plugin Security Plugin working as well, So, I have shared How to Secure your WP site with the help of iTheme Security Plugin.

iTheme Security Plugin is used to secure your WP site, iTheme Security Plugin provided with us free and paid version, but I am using the free version. There different Security Options like Banned User, Away Mode, 404 Detection, Global Setting, Database Backup and much more these are free protection options. You Can Easily use any protection mode as you want.

However, I am using Global Protection mode, and I understand Global Protection mode for secure your WP site. There are many protection options for Global Protection mode, you can use one by one as you want, if don’t understand protection option, below I have shared a video tutorial on this topic kindly watch them.

Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, and I  understand step by step and clearly. If you face any problem to Configure iTheme Security Plugin, kindly watch a video tutorial on below, after that I hope you can easily configure iTheme Security, I hope video tutorial is helpful and most beneficial for you.

Best WordPress Security Plugin (iTheme) Tutorial in Urdu

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