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How to WordPress Blog Content Protection.


Today I have the tech with you very important trick about Protection your Site Content, users we will write unique articles and published with the personal website after that we will promote with post different social network or other blog/sites it is very good work on the  Internet. But different content thief peoples easily copy your content and paste with personal blogs/websites just a second. Who has doesn’t type articles and saved personal time, who have do copy our content and paste with the personal blog/website,  basically, these work not good on the web, We Will Write an Article Unique/Original it is most beneficially for our blogs/websites, and black work is very loss delivers on copyist peoples.

So, today in this tutorial we will learn How to ProtectContent with copyist peoples. WP provide most important plugin namely “Wp-Site Protector” which easily protects your site data and different options are provided for you, like Disable Right Click, Alter Box etc,  If you want to protect your content, you must be install Wp-Site Protector, after that you can easily protect content as well.


However, I made a complete video tutorial on this topic you can learn it in Urdu/Hindi language. First of all, you can download in “Wp-Site Protector” plugins in WP Site or you can install in this plugin in your Wp dashboard very easily. After that active this plugin and open them after that plugin display on your screen Six different options like Disable your Content Copying “Yes” / “NO”, Disable Right Click “Yes” / “NO”, Alert Text in Right Click “Box”, Disable keyboard Shortcut keys “Yes/No” and two below different options display after open this plugin. Below you can watch my video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language after watching my video tutorial you can learn very easily.

WordPress Blog Content Protection Tutorial.

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