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C Sharp Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language


Today I have shared C sharp tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language. C sharp developed in 2000 by Andres Heji Bergs, C# is the latest version of C++.  C sharp is OOP (Oriented Object Programming) supported, there different OOP supported programming language such as C++, Java, PHP etc, but C sharp is a purely OOP language. Which is use to Make a Web Application, Desktop Application, and Mobile Application as well? C sharp recently a version of 6.0 released on 20th July 2015.

Basically, I have shared recently Java programming language tutorial, I recommended watch first java after that, you can easily understand C sharp, and must be watch video tutorial of SQL Server, I have already this course of videos on this website.


What is .Net Framework?

Build, deploy, and run different types of applications and services using .NET technologies. Minimize software development, deployment, and versioning conflicts. Distributed computing has provided the most effective use of processing power of both client and server processors.

Applications became platform-independent with the emergence of Internet, which ensured that they could be run on personal computers with different hardware and software combination. Communication with each other has become possible for the clients and servers in a vendor-independent manner.

All the transformations are supported by the technology platform introduced by Microsoft called as .NET Framework. Data stored using the .NET Framework is limited to a user from any place, at any time, through any .NET compatible device. The two core components of the .NET Framework integral to any application or service development are:

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  • Memory management
  • Code execution
  • Error handling
  • Code safety verification
  • Garbage collection

.NET Framework Class Library (FCL)

Is a comprehensive object-oriented collection of reusable types. Is used to develop applications ranging from traditional command-line to Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications that can be used on the Web.

Furthermore, if you want to learn C sharp programming language, you must learn SQL Server Database. If you have good knowledge SQL Server you can easily make a web application or desktop application after learning this course as well, otherwise, you don’t have any knowledge about SQL Server, I recommended First You learn SQL Server.

Recently, I have shared SQL Server Ten Demo videos, you can get ideas about it, and if you want to learn complete SQL Server you can Buy DVD of SQL Server. Basically, I have shared different videos tutorials some free and some paid. But I have shared paid videos Demo on my website.

However, I have made C sharp tutorial for  beginners, this is a paid course and I have shared demo videos of this course, you can watch and get ideas about C sharp. Basically, I working on it to complete  very soon, but I have made demo videos of this course on below.

C Sharp Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language

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