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How to Use MailChimp to Send Emails Tutorial in Urdu

Today We Will Learn How To Use MailChimp to Send Emails, Basically, MailChimp is popular Email Marketing Web Tool, which is use to promote...

How to Build an Email List with Facebook Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

Today we will learn How to Build an Email List with Facebook, on the most important Digital Marketing tool Email Marketing. If you want...

How to Make a Google Chrome Extension Tutorial

Today I have shared How to Make  a Chrome Extension with the help of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JSON. Chrome Extension use with Google...

Digital Marketing Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

What is Digital Marketing (DM) or Online Marketing? The simple answer to this question, Marketing means to promote any product or service and Digital...

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tutorial in Urdu

Today I have shared very important video tutorial about Social Media Marketing.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) it is paid services if you want to promote your products,...

Email Marketing Video Training in Urdu

Email Marketing which is used to marketing in your products/offers quickly with targeted peoples, which is mostly used different companies for marketing in personal products/offer...

How to Run an Adwords Campaign Tutorial in Urdu.

Hello, Users, I hope you of all of fine today, I have a tech with you How to Run an Adwords Campaign. Basically, Adwords...

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Tutorial in Urdu

Users, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very popular on this time, users you have seen different social networks different products/banner/ads display on your timeline...

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HTML Video Course in Urdu/Hindi Language

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Dear Friends/User I Hope you all will be fine. Today I have posted HTML Complete Video Course in Urdu/Hindi...