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Make a Responsive Website in Bootstrap Tutorial

Responsive website or web application is very important at this time. Previously time everyone used Desktop PC or laptop and everyone make a website...

Complete Bootstrap Framework Tutorial in Urdu

Bootstrap is a framework which is used to Mobile First and Web Applications, Bootstrap framework is a design by the Twitter developer and introduced...

PSD to HTML5 Convert Tutorial in Urdu

Users, today I have shared with you is PSD to HTML5 convert template video training in Urdu/Hindi Language, If you face any difficulties to...

Dropdown Menu Css Tutorial in Urdu

Today I have a tech with you make a Dropdown Menu with the help of CSS and HTML5 video training in Urdu/Hindi Language. First...

Make a Website Table Base Tutorial in Urdu

I have a tech with your to Make a website with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 with table base Video Training in Urdu/Hindi...

Complete Dreamweaver CS6 Course in Urdu/Hindi

Dreamweaver CS6 Course in Urdu, DW CS6 is application software it is Adobe Cooperation application. DW CS6 software is used to create webpages &...
Javascript Course

Complete JavaScript Course Video in Urdu

JavaScript is client-side web programming  language, which is jointly in HTML documents. JS is a powerful web programming language which is used to make  an alert...

Complete CSS Course in Urdu/Hindi Language

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) It is used to HTML Documents. It is mostly used to style with your website / webpages. I have made...

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HTML Video Course in Urdu/Hindi Language

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Dear Friends/User I Hope you all will be fine. Today I have posted HTML Complete Video Course in Urdu/Hindi...