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Coding Competition for Beginners Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared Coding Competition for Beginners Student, I have joined Coding Competition and I have seen different trick able questions such as Array, Loop etc. Mostly you can use loops and make different shapes, display prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers etc, and Using Array you can store records, display records, update record etc.

Basically, Coding Competition is very important to check student mind status, you can solve different questions but you can’t complete work on the time. If you start a coding competition and you will solve 07 Question with 30 minutes, If you have already solved trick able question, you can easily solve them, If you have doesn’t solve trick able question. You face problems to solve them.


Furthermore, I have the tech you How to Solved Coding Competition Questions, there are different trick able questions available, but I have shared top 07 questions, some questions are easily, and some questions are difficult. Basically, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, a video tutorial is very helpful and most beneficially for everyone to understand.

Coding Competition for Beginners (Questions).

  1. How to Change Two Variables Values Without Using Temp?
  2. How to Generate Even Numbers?
  3. How to Generate Odd Numbers?      
  4. How to Generate Prime Numbers?
  5. How to Find Top 03 Highest Values on Array Index?
  6. How to Reverse a String?
  7. How to Generate Square and Cube?

These are trick able questions, I have a tech with you one by one question. You can simply watch on my video. Basically, these questions check your mind status. These question you can solve with any programming languages such as JavaScript C Programming, Java Programming or C# Programming. These questions are trick-able if you have knowledge about any programming language, I hope you have learned different topics such as Arrays, Loop, Increment, Decrement etc.

However, if you will join any coding competition, you must solve them a question on the time, then you will join any coding competition. Basically, these questions are useable. If you have solved these question on the time, I hope you will solve another question as well. Below I have shared a video tutorial on this topic, After Watch my video tutorial, I hope you understood as well.

Coding Competition for Beginners Tutorial in Urdu

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