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How to Create a Google Form for Registration


Today, I have shared another helpful video tutorial, user, today I have made video tutorial about How to Create a Google Form for Registration Online, basically, if have online business and you don’t have install MS Office on Personal computer, and you will require Application form or registration for Online Registration, you face a problem to Install an MS Office after Install MS Office, you will make an Application Form or Registration, you don’t save a time. But, if you want to save your time, I recommended use Google Form to make a Registration Form, Review Form, Survey Form etc.

Google Form is used Online, you will get any information as you mentioned with Form, and you save Data with different Employees, Customers. Your got data is saved in your Account, basically, Your Employees or Customers Data has been secured. You will easily print or email data as you wish.

Google Form for Registration

However, Google provides different tools to use for a different purpose, if you want to make a Slide, Application Letter, or Spread Sheet, you can use these tools free of cost, but you have a single Gmail Account to use these tools.

Today, I have tech How to Create a Google Form for Registration? First is learning this method after that you can use different tools like MS Word  Work, MS Excel Work, and MS PowerPoint.

How to Create a Google Form for Registration?

Now Let’s Start to Create a Google Form for Registration, first of all, you have Gmail Account, simple Login in Gmail Account, Go to Google and Type “Google Forms” after search Google Display Direct Link of Google Form, but you have logged In Gmail Account. Click “Go to Google Form” Button Display on Main Screen, after that’s you will see different forms for a different purpose if you want to use them simply click any Template Button and you can use them for personal work.

If you want to Make a without design simple Form, Simply click “Start a New Form” Left Side, after that you jumped with Registration Form Interface. Google Form provide different tools like Dropdown Menus, Paragraph, Tick Mark, Multiple Choice, Date and Time, You can use them easily.  

Now After Complete Registration Form Click “Send” Button, after that you will see the second tab link icon click it and Copy Form Link doesn’t be forgotten tickMark “Shorten URL”. Shorten URL you can use anywhere for collection data as you mentioned with Registration Form. You Can See response with Click “Application Form”, you have already made and you can see right side Response Option Click it and you can see Application Form Data has been received.

Furthermore, if you have any problem to understand above methods, kindly watch below video tutorial, I hope video tutorial is beneficial for you and I hope you will understand as well. After Watch Video Tutorial, You can easily use Different Tools like Document, Spreadsheets, and Slide.

Create a Google Form for Registration in Urdu

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