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How to Create a User Account in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu


Today We Will learn How to Create User in SQL Server.  After the complete Installation SQL Server needs to connect with Windows Authentication Mode or SQL Server Authentication Mode. I think more than users using Windows Authentication Mode to connect SQL Server.

But, they don’t use SQL Server Authentication mode, So If you are using Windows Authentication Mode that’s not good. But you need to create a User in SQL Server, then you will protect personal database as well.  Mostly professional users using SQL Server Authentication Mode to Connect SQL Server.

Create User in SQL Server

SQL Server Authentication mode is very helpful and beneficial for everyone, they are developing applications with the help of C# and SQL Server. User Account is one the most helpful security future available in SQL Server Database.

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After the using SQL Server Authentication mode, your developed databases are so safe. But are using Windows Authentication mode, then you are working any professional application, you build a database after the complete developed application database. Any other users they are using your PC, who easily delete or lost your database.

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That’s the highest mistake to use Windows Authentication mode to develop professional application database. I recommend you must create a user account in SQL Server, then you can design professional database as well.

If you want to learn to create a SQL Server Authentication Mode. You need to create a user in SQL Server. After the create User Account, any other personal or users, they don’t use your database without your permission.

SQL Server Create Login User

First of All open SQL server and connect the SQL Server with Windows Authentication Mode. After that go to Server Name like (DESKTOP-QG2VIHO/SQLEXPRESS) right click it>properties. After that you jumped next page, you can see many options, you need to select Security option and select SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode Radio Button.

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After that restart the Server, then go to security option right side display folder. Right, Click Security Folder>New>Login. Select Second Radio Button “SQL Server Authentication Mode” and Enter User Name and password. Then below Checked “Enforce Password Policy”, unchecked “Enforce password expiration”.

After that go to Server Role Tabor Link, Select Server Role.  The server Role Automatically selected public don’t change it, you need to check another server role like “sysadmin”.

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Then Go to next Tab User Mapping tab or link. Select database to assign the user. Then go to next tab or link Securables right side you will show Search Button click it. Then you will show popup box. You need to select Server like “DESKTOP- QG2VIHO/SQLEXPRESS”.

That’s you have successfully created the user in SQL Server, then disconnect the SQL Server. Then you can log in with personal user account and password. After that you will design any database as well, your designed database is secured on your computer.

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Any other friend or user don’t change your queries or modify the Database. However, I have made a video tutorial on this topic. You can watch the video tutorial for get more ideas to create a user in SQL Server. Watch video tutorial and follow it.

How to Create User Account in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu

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