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How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger


Today I have the tech you How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger, we are using different two platforms such as WordPress or Blogger, but blogger is a free platform which is provided with us free web hosting service and Domain Name.

If, you have used Blogger Platform, and you have chosen any domain name like “gorakhnews” after that “.blogspot.com” automatically added in  your Domain Name,  and your complete URL is “www.gorakhnews.blogspot.com” why?  You have used free service.

However, If you want to display your website URL without “blog spot”, you must buy a Domain Name then you will add bought Domain with a blogger account, there are simples steps to setup Custom Domain Name on Blogger. Below I have already made different video tutorial, these are helpful to understand about Blogger.

Custom-Domain-Name How to Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger?

First of All, go to Blogger Dashboard, you will see Website Title on Front Page, you have made the bundle of website or one website. Click Website URL or right side drop menu click it and go to setting option. After that you jumped setting page, you will see different links, find “set up a third party URL for blog” link and click it.

After Complete Above procedure you will add domain name address such as “www.gorakhnews.com”, I have already bought this domain, then click save button, after clicking save button you will see Error 12, and display verification codes and DNS Settings.

Furthermore, I have bought a Domain from Godaddy, I understand to verify Domain from Godaddy otherwise you have bought a Domain with another company, I think menus is changed. Come to point Go to Godaddy and Login.

After Logged in Godaddy Account go to “Domains”, then click “Manage DNS Setting Button” go to above menu namely “DNS and DNS Template” add template name you can type any name as you like, and save Now, after click save button below you will see “Record Panel” click Add Button and Select CName Option.

CName require Two Input Boxes “Host and Point to”, Go to Blogger and first Error 12 below First Row Display Name, “www” and “ghs.google.com” copy first column data  go to Godaddy Account paste with “Host” input box and copy second Column Data and paste with another “Point to” you have completed first CName setting.

Second Same Procedures, but you will copy second-row data and go to Godaddy  Account and click Add Link select CName Option and paste same ways and save now. These procedures about CName Systems, but you will require another last procedure.

Third-Party Domain setting panel below find “view setting instructions” click it, after click you will jump another page find On a top level domain radio button and click it, then below find four different Google IPs below:


Copy One by one and go to Godaddy Account click Add Button Now Select “Name Server” then Name Server to require Two Input Boxes Value First if Host and Second are Point to:, you paste IP Address with Host Input Box and Type @ sign with Point to the input box. This is One Procedure to Add IP Address with Your Domain Name, you will copy second, third, fourth and paste with Godaddy Record Panel One by One.

These  procedures are completed to setup custom domain name with blogger, wait maximum 24 hours, go to Blogger Account, Setting and add Domain Name and click save button, after completed 24 hours, you click save button, you will successfully configure.

Setup a Custom Domain Name on Blogger Tutorial 

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