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Complete Training Data Normalization in SQL Server


Users, I hope you all of fine, today I have shared very important video tutorial about Data Normalization (DN) in SQL Server, basically, Data Normalization is very important for manage a columns and table relationship in Database. If you will make a desktop or web application and if you want to my desktop or web application run a quickly, you should be understood in Data Normalization.  Basically, Normalization means manage columns and table relationship database to decrease data dismissal.  So, that’s easy methods for manage a Data in Database with the help of Normalization.

First of All you must be good knowledge about SQL Server, after that you have easily understood about Data Normalization, if you have to do not knowledge about SQL Server, previously I, have shared complete video training about SQL Server, Stored Procedure, Entity Relationship Modules and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), you must watch them after that, you have able to SQL Server and Components.

Data Normalization

There are three main Forms to Complete Your Data Normalization, if you have followed them, you have easily managed column and table relationship. Below, I have included with complete details one by one and included a video tutorial on this topic.

How to Normalization Data in Database?

First Form

  • Create distinct tables for both assembly of linked data.
  • The table columns must have atomic values.
  • All the key attributes must be defined.

Second Form

  • They chance the supplies of the first standard form.
  • There are no partial dependencies in the tables.
  • The tables are related through foreign keys.

Third Form

  • The tables should meet the requirements of the second normal form
  • The tables should not have transitive dependencies in them

Above All ways of DN in SQL Server, you must be followed them, I hope you have easily managed columns and table relationship in the database. Basically, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, I have included on below, you must be a watch, after watched my video tutorial, I hope you have easily understood and your mind is cleared about Data Normalization in SQL Server.

Data Normalization in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu

Thanks for Watch video tutorial Data Normalization and read my complete article, basically, I have understood as well and working on it, so, I want to share DN video training for my website users. I hope you like it and learned something new, kindly subscribe your email, share my post with personal friends and subscribe my website YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter and Google pages for post updates. If you have any questions or suggestion DN to comment me or email me I will reply with your answer about 24 hours, keep touch my website, I, will share very soon Java and C# Video Tutorials.