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How to Design Professional ID Card Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


ID card design video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language. You are don’t miss my previous Retouch Image Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.  Everyone used to ID Card. You are seen Company Employees, Government Employees, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) Employees, Private School Teachers and Students they have Knower in ID Card. ID has been must for everyone. ID card very important information given for us. You are go to any Company you will be don’t known for any employees, but company employees used to ID card, you are known to company employees. It is most important for everyone. So, I have design Professional ID card in simple design with Adobe Photoshop CS5. I, have created a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi language on this topic. I hope you are more beneficial on this tutorial.


How to Design Professional ID Card Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

  1. Install Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS any Series.
  2. Decide Card Size.
  3. Select Rectangle Tool.
  4. Drag Box.
  5. “Ctrl+T” and Right Click Go to “Warp” Option.
  6. You will be Seen Grid Lines on your Box.
  7. Select Any Side Drag up, down, left, right, you are decided.
  8. Select Rectangle Tool and Drop Picture Size.
  9. Insert Picture with Personal Computer and Drop to Picture Box.
  10. Insert Logo and Drop you are decided.
  11. Type Text you are decided.
  12. All is done.

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Further More Watch my Video Tutorial You is learn something.

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