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Disqus Comment System Integer in Blogger Tutorial


Users, I hope you all of fine, I have shared previously step by step video tutorials with a different topic I hope you will learn it as well and new Technics. We will use in simple comment system in blogger like Gmail box.  But Users Today I have shared with you is How to Integer (add) Disqus Comment System in Blogger? It is very simple two steps to Integer (add) Disqus Comment System. First of All you Disqus Sites and sign up the account after that click right side gear icon and display more options, you can simply click Add Disqus to Site, after that you can jump another page simply click “Start Simple Engage”. After complete these process, you can simply provide with personal blogger /Blogspot details like Title and categories. After providing personal blogger/Blogspot information you can simply click finish button.

After that Disqus Comment System (DCS) provide you multiple platform which is used, you can simply click Blogger Icon and you can be jumped with another page after that you can Number One Option with your inserted title click it after that you can jump with Blogger Platform you can select Blog which is Integer after select Blog you can redirect with personal blogs layout options simply find Disqus Comment System Widget Drag and Drop with below body section.


That’s it is simply the way to Integer DCS in Blogger. I hope you can understand as well but don’t worry I have made video tutorial this topic you can watch and learn with step by step without face any difficulties.   

Disqus Comment System Integer in Blogger Tutorial

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