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How to Connect Domain Branded Email as Gmail in Urdu


Users, I hope you all of fine, previously I have made different tricks and courses in Urdu /Hindi Language. I hope my previously courses and tricks most beneficially and helpful for you. However, today I have a tech with you most important and helpful trick for Gmail Account Holder and Websites Admins. Users we will make a premium website means (Domain & Hosting) purchasing and made a website and we will use with web site standard website email like admin@onlineittuts.com and users sent with any on this address, but we will mostly using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Our website standard email we will very important us. However, I have the tech with you on this video tutorials.


How to Configure / Connect.

  • Open CPanel.
  • Go to Email Accounts
  • Enter Your Email for Your Standard Website.
  • Enter Password & Click Create Button.
  • Your Website Email is created.
  • Login Gmail Account connect with standard website email.
  • Click to Setting.
  • After that Click to Accounts and Import
  • Third Number Display Option “Sent Email as”.
  • Click to Below Link “Add Another Email Address You Own”.
  • After that, you can see two boxes. “Name & Email Address”.
  • Enter Your Name & Enter Your Website Standard Email with you Connect it and Click Next Button.
  • After clicking next button you can see another option.
  • SMPT Server Port No. Username Password Boxes.
  • First Box SMPT Server. “ Go to Cpanel and Email Account below displayed with your email and click more dropdown option and click Configure Email Account Link and below you can see incoming server and routing server address. First of all we will using incoming server copy them and paste with SMPT server option. After that complete SMPT section, we will right options displayed as PORT you see port No. on your email incoming server below and change it.
  • Username types your website standard email as you connect with them.
  • Email creating time you can use the same Password will be it and click “Next Button”
  • After clicking Next Button, last Box will be displayed in your screen “VERIFY” your email.
  • Google Sent Code with your Website Standard Email.
  • Go to Your Website Email Account and Open with Google Email Copy Code and Paste it.
  • Your Gmail Email is Configuration is Complete with Your Website Standard Email.
  • After Complete above process, you can go to Website Email Address Panel and below Forwarding Options display click it and add forward email Like Your Gmail Email.

Above all information about in this topic I hope you can understand as well, furthermore if you any difficulty about understanding above article I have published below video tutorial on this topic in  Urdu/Hindi  Language, I hope you understand in my below video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

How to Connect Domain Branded Email as Gmail in Urdu

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