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How to Download All Instagram Photos from Any User


Today I’m going to show you How to Download All Instagram Photos from Any User, millions of smartphone users using Instagram. Instagram one of the most popular pictures sharing app. The different categories users sharing pics and interested users following it for getting updates.

Instagram most famous around the world and most helpful futures like Pictures Editing and Upload Picture it. If you want to save any pictures from Instagram, you can’t save the image. There are no any straight save option, but you can flat download any picture.


More than users facing difficulties to download images or photos from Instagram. Pictures or Photos is very helpful for photographic interested, but I will teach you how you can do it. After that, you will download All Instagram Pictures just one click.

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In this tutorial, you will learn How to Download All Instagram Photos from Any User. That’s very simple process that I will tell you to step by step. You can follow instructions, after that I hope you can do it as well.

Download All Instagram Photos from Any User

If you want to download Al Instagram Photos from Any Users, you need to download a Software. The Instagram Image Downloader software, which is a help to download images or photos from Instagram easily. You need to follow on below simple steps that I discussed on below.

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Step 1: First of All need to Download & Install Instagram Downloader For Free On Your Computer or Laptop,  I don’t  confirm What are you using System.

Step 2: After Download & Install Instagram Downloader Software, You need to open it. After that, you can see the screen shot on below.


Step 3: Then you need to Click “Add User Name” Green Button. Then enter the name of user or person to download the pictures from Instagram to Personal Computer.


Step 4: Now the Next step is you need to enter the ID of the user. Whose pictures you want to Save or Download and Simply Type Keyboard Button Enter Button.

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Step 5: Then Instagram Downloader Display the complete list of images or pictures of the user. So, you need to click on Download Option, then Picture will start downloading. After wait couple of minutes, Pictures automatically saved on your Computer or Laptop, That’s It.

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