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How to Enable Google 3D Map / Street Tutorial


Today I will tell you How to Enable Google 3D Map/Street Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language. User I hope you have used Google Map, and also you have seen different places using Google Map. But, I think you don’t have used Google 3D Map.

So, I want to share you How You can Enable Google 3D Map to Display 3D Street or Places? There Two ways to use Google 3D Map. First is use Google Map Live and then second are Download Google Map Application on Your Computer.


If you want to see any place or street 3D way, you can use Google 3D Map. How can you do it? First of All Open Google or Search “Google Map” After that you have seen different websites. You simply Click First Link “https://maps.google.com”. Then you jumped on Google Map site, Simply Search Any Place or Street as you want to Display.

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After Search any place or Street below you have seen Satellite Image Icon Click It.  Right side you have seen 3D or 2D Option, select 3D Option and after that if you want to see any place closely in 3D Type. You have seen Personal Icon Yellow Type in Google Map. Pick Icon and Drop as you want to display, then you will see 3D type any place or street as Well.

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Second is you will download Google Earth Map from https://www.google.com/earth/download  official website. After Download Google Earth Map and Install Now Personal Computer. After that, you will use same as you used with on Online using maps.google.com website.

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That’s very simple process to display any place or Street in 3D. So, I hope you have understood as well. If you face any problem to understand to use Google Map. You can watch on my Below Video Tutorial then you will easily understand. I hope video tutorial is helpful and beneficial for you.

How to Enable Google 3D Map / Street Tutorial in Urdu

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