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How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Application Tutorial


Today We Will Learn How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Application Tutorial in Urdu / Hindi Language. There are a lot of companies launched many products, these products used for different purpose. I hope you have seen QR Code on Physical Products. So, QR Code is used for security purpose, you can’t read the QR code without any device.

However, if you want to read the QR Code you have Android Mobile or Any other QR Code Scanner Machine. I don’t confirm but you have visited any biggest shopping Mall or any other General Stores. They are don’t enter the product price. They enter QR Code and then scan it to Display Product Price as Well.

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Generate QR Code in C#

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Application. If you are working to develop any application or you will develop an application with the help of C#. So, you want to enter the QR Code. I will tell you how you can do it.

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How to Generate Qr Code In C# Windows Application

Step 1: First of All you need to open the Visual Studio and Create a Project. Then you need to drag and drop TextBox, Label, Button and Picture Box. Then Change the Names which are used in the programming.


Step 2: After the complete above process, you need to Download and Install Zen BarCode. Go to Solution Tab Right Click on the Project, then Manage NuGet Packages.


Step 3: After Click Manage Manage NuGet Packages, you will jump another page. You need to Search Zen Barcode, after that Click First FrameWork “Zen.Barcode.Rendering.Framework” and right side display Install Button Click it.


Step 4: After Install Zen Barcode Framework, you need to make a Button Event. Then you will enter the simple code, then run the project.

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How to Generate QR Code in C# Windows Application Tutorial

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