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Giveaway Get All Paid Courses and Paid WP Theme.


Today, I have shared Giveaway for anyone, but they are interested in Programming, Blogging fields or any other users. I have made different paid courses with projects such as C# Programming, Java Programming, SQL Server Database, HTML5, CSS3, MS Word and MS Excel. These all courses are paid, I want to share these paid courses on my Giveaway Offer.

I have seen different newbies peoples doesn’t efforts to buy any paid course, Word Press theme, Domain, and Hosting. So, I will provide all my Paid Courses and Premium Word Press Theme for Top 10 Winners in my Giveaway and Others Participated in this GiveAway, I Will provide SQL Server Course.


Are Ready to participate in my Giveaway, you can follow my simple steps to participation. Everyone interested peoples join on this Giveaway. Basically, this is my first Giveaway, I have seen different bloggers or freelancer providing giveaways for a different purpose.

What Winner Will Get in this Giveaway?

In this giveaway, I will provide all my paid courses and Premium Word Press Theme. The complete details are below:

  • C# Programming Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $65)
  • Java Programming Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $65)
  • SQL Server Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $35)
  • HTML5 Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $15)
  • CSS3 Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $15)
  • MS Word Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $10)
  • MS Excel Course in Urdu/Hindi (Worth $15)
  • Paid Word Press Theme (Worth $59)

These are courses and paid theme Total Worth ($279), I will provide Top 10 Winners and Particpated in this GiveAway Get (SQL Server Courses) in this Giveaway. However, this Giveaway different for everyone, and I hope you will join this giveaway as well. And you will get all my paid courses and paid WP theme.

I, think these courses are very helpful and beneficial for everyone, and after learned these courses, I hope you will apply for any job or you will start online work as well. A Few things to remember about the giveaway:

  • I, starts today, 14 November 2016
  • It ends on 13 December 2016
  • The winner will be announced on 15th December 2016.

Terms and Conditions to Win the Give Away:

  1. Everyone Can Apply.
  2. Fake Entries etc, do no accept.
  3. I will provide Paid Courses in DVDs at Home Address in Pakistan and Courses Links.
  4. Out of Pakistan, I will provide Courses Link, they are Watch or Download Courses.

Below I have published Give Away Tools, submit your entries and follow instructions, and Get a chance to win.

Get All Paid Courses (Giveaway)

Note: After submission your entries, you will send a $20 Dollar in my Account. $20 Dollar I will charge this Give Away. If you submitted above Form, then you will send a $20 Dollar in my PayPal Account or the Western Union. This payment procedure out of Pakistan. After that, you will send transaction ID or Receipt, Name and Same Email as you entered above tool in my Email: admin@learn2free.com.  After received your payment and Data you have accepted this giveaway, otherwise you don’t acceptable this Give-Away.

PayPal Email: asifjokhio786@hotmail.com

Pakistan, you will send a 2000 PKR payment in my UBL Account, then you will send an email and Enter Your Name, Complete Address and UBL payment receipt in my Email admin@learn2free.com. After received your payment and Data you have accepted this giveaway, otherwise you don’t acceptable this Give Away.

  • Account Number: 229515952
  • Account Title: Asadullah
  • Branch Code: 1190