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How to Build an Email List with Facebook Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Today we will learn How to Build an Email List with Facebook, on the most important Digital Marketing tool Email Marketing. If you want to promote products or any other services, you can use different products to promote products with targeted users. But If wants to promote products and get the quick response, I prefer you must use Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is very helpful tools, which is use promote any products or service with targeted peoples than you will get quick results. However, there are many Email Marketing Companies available on the web. Email Marketing Companies provided all services such Email Lists on your topic, Email Marketing Tools etc, they are charge some Dollars.  If you want to get quick results, you must be collect Emails.


Furthermore, first is you will use paid Email Marketing Tools, to get an Email list and Use Email Marketing Tools.  Second is you will make a blog / site to collect Emails, but Blog/site procedure is too long.  If you have blog/website you will collect emails slowly, this is free ways to collect Emails.

How to Build an Email List without a Website:

If you want to build an Email List, without any blog/website, you can use Two Simples steps to build an Email List without any blog/website. First of All, you make a Facebook Page, then you will use paid or free Email Service tool, such as Mail Chimp and others free Email Service tools available, but I am using Mail Chimp.

Simply Make a Mail Chimp Account Free of cost, and you will collect 2000 Emails free of cost. Then you will simply Integration on your Facebook page in your Mail Chimp Account. That’s very simple and helpful ways to build an Email List without any blog/website.

How to Integration Mail Chimp to Facebook:

First of All, you have Facebook Page, and Mail Chimp Account.  Go to Mail Chimp Account, then Click right site on you Display Image Icon>Account>Integration Find Facebook Icon and Click on Login Button. After that, you have integrated into Facebook Account. Then, you select Facebook Page as you Integration with Mail Chimp.

Above Complete process Mail Chimp to Facebook Integration, but you need to setup Email Sign up Tab in Your Facebook Page. Go to Facebook Page, click on Setting Button>then, Right Side Apps Link, after that, you will see Mail Chimp Application Integrated as well. Simple Setup you Facebook Tab Name. That’s it. You have successfully integrated Mail Chimp to Facebook Page.

However, these simple process to Integration Mail Chimp to Facebook.  You can easily Build an Email List without use any blog/website, and free of cost. But these long-term process to collect Emails. I hope you have understood as well. Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial, if you face any problem to Integration or configure Mail Chimp Form. Kindly Watch on my Video tutorial, then I hope you will understand as well.

How to Build an Email List with Facebook Tutorial

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