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How to Extract ISO File Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Today We Will Learn How to Extract ISO File Using WinRAR Software. Basically, more than high capacity application available in ISO File, but more than users faced problem to extract ISO File. There are many software available on the web to extract ISO File. But today we will learn How to Extract ISO File Using WinRAR Software.

WinRAR is a desktop application, which is used to compressed and protected files and folder, I think more than users used above WinRAR methods. WinRAR provided with us other helpful futures such as Extract ISO File, Decrease High capacity files in parts etc.


Furthermore, I have seen more than computer users using WinRAR application, WinRAR is a common application software, you can easily use these futures. But, you can use WinRAR Application Software to Easily Extract ISO File.

However, you have seen different Games, Desktop Software’s available in ISO File. I think everyone users using Extract ISO File into USB or DVDs.  But you will use WinRAR Software to Extract ISO File without use any USB or DVDs.

How to Extract ISO File Using WinRAR:

First of All, you go to Win-rar.com website, then download WinRAR. After Download and Install it, after complete Install WinRAR display “Associate WinRAR with” popup box, you can see default futures checked, but second column first line display “ISO” future unchecked, simple checked now and click OK Button.

Go to ISO File as want to extract, right click then open with option. Then Choose Program and go to WinRAR installed location and select WinRAR Icon, after clicked ISO File will open in WinRAR. Then above left side “EXTRACT” button click it and select Location as you want to extract.

Basically, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, I hope video tutorial is helpful for you.  Video Tutorials are helpful for everyone to understand any topic. I want to share any topic and me on this website, I will attach video tutorial. Below I have shared video tutorial,  kindly watch and get new ideas.

How to Extract ISO File Tutorial

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