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How to Find Long Tail Keywords Tutorial in Urdu


In this topic, I have a tech with you about Long Tail Keywords, there are two types of Keywords first is short term keyword second is Long Term Keyword. You have searched in Google like “Java Programming” that’s called short term keyword, and you have included one or Two Words with above Keyword like “Java Programming Tutorial for Beginner” that’s called long term keyword. Mostly, everyone using Google Keyword Planner Tools or another paid tools for find targeted Keywords, but some peoples don’t any knowledge about it, and some peoples are experts.

Above all about Types of Keywords, in this article, I understand How to Find Long Tail Keywords without use Paid Tools, First of All, we are using Keyword Planner Tools for Research Keyword, and we don’t find Long Tail Keywords, simply we have been checked Keyword Monthly Searches and Suggested Bids and Competition, that’s not good work.   

Long Tail Keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

First of All, you Go to Google and Type any Keyword like “Java Programming” and Search, after search Google Displayed Different Popular Website on this keywords, you have seen different websites on Google First Page, below you have seen “Searches Related”. Basically, Search Related displayed Long Tail Keywords like “Java Programming for Beginners”, “Java Programming Tutorial” and much more, you simply select any Long Tail Keywords as you wish, and simply write an article and get more benefits.

Second is you use free of cost Tools namely UberSuggest.io. You type any short term keyword like “Java Programming” Uber Suggest tools display Long Tail Keywords as well, you simply pick any keywords and use them an article.  That’s simple methods to Find Long Tail Keywords. I hope you have understood as well, if you don’t understand, don’t worry below, I have shared video tutorial, you can watch.

Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, you can watch it and get more ideas about this topic, basically, text or screenshot doesn’t helpful to understand, So, Mostly, I make video tutorials for everyone topic, Video Tutorials are very helpful and most beneficially for understanding everyone. Below I have shared a video tutorial on this topic, you can watch and follow them, I hope my video tutorial is  most beneficially for you.

Long Tail Keywords Video Tutorial

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