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How to Install SQL Server 2014 Tutorial in Urdu


Today, I have shared How to Install SQL Server 2014 Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language, previously I have already shared the complete course of SQL Server 2012 and Installation, but minor changes to Install SQL Server 2014. Microsoft launched another version of SQL Server in this year, but mostly developers using SQL Server 2014. There is the simple procedure to Install SQL Server 2014. I am using this version so, I want to share on this website for interested users on SQL Server.

Microsoft launched different versions of SQL Server such as 2005,2008,2012,2014 and 2016. Previously versions interface and working procedures same way, now in this Microsoft year launched Structure Query Language Server 2016 included more futures in this version. 


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Come to the point, I have shared How to Install SQL Server 2014 Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language, you can learn free of cost. I hope video tutorial is helpful and most beneficial for you. Below I have shared a video tutorial on this topic.      

How to Install SQL Server 2014 Tutorial in Urdu

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