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How to Promote Your Blog Using Triberr Tutorial


How to Promote Your Blog Using Triberr Tutorial, Triberr is a popular marketplace network. Different marketer promotes with different products or blog using Triberr platform. There are different marketing ways like Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing to promote your blog or products, these are called Digital Marketing. Triberr working the same way on social networks sites, but you will share content on social networks one by one mostly.

But, you can promote your blog/product on Triberr, simply create an account and configure with a personal website like WordPress, after configured simply you will share a post on the personal blog than your post automatically shared on Triberr.

However, if you want to share your content automatically on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that’s possible. After Registration on Triberr go to Social Network tab and add-on above social networks, than Triberr automatically shared content on above sites as well.


There are different benefits to using Triberr, first is you will get huge traffic on Triberr and you get more subscriber on Triberr, than you will promote another product for related on your topic, after that you can easily get the full response.

Furthermore, I am using these methods and I want to share on my website to learn my website users. If you have a blog / website and you will get more traffic or promote a product, I prefer you must be used Triberr, if you have any knowledge about Triberr that’s good, otherwise, read complete article forget ideas about Triberr.

If you have any problem to configure website with Triberr and configure with social networks, I have made a video tutorial on this topic and I have with tech with you configure website and social networks on Triberr, kindly watch my video tutorial, I have shared on below. I hope video tutorial helpful and most beneficial for you.

How to Promote Your Blog Using Triberr Tutorial in Urdu

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