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How to Protect Excel Sheet Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Today We Will Learn How to Protected Excel Sheet, MS Excel is components of MS Office. MS Office product of Microsoft, Microsoft recently launched MS Office 2016. But, you can install any version of MS Office Such as 2003,2007,2010,2013 and 2016. You Can Use free of cost Microsoft Office Components such as PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Access. These are very important components, which use different official persons for a different purpose. Basically, MS Office one of the most important Application Software.

However, MS Excel is used to make mathematically sheets such as Salary Sheet, Budget Sheet, Billing Sheet etc. You can make different accountability work with MS Excel. Another helpful knowledge you will use Excel to make official Projects. And display results from different ways such as Chart wise and numerically as well. MS Excel provided different tools to you can use for different purpose.


Furthermore, Today We Will Learn How to Protect Excel Sheet. MS Excel provides different security options such as Lock Sheet, Password Protection etc. There are different ways to secure your Excel Sheet or File. That’s very important to safe and save your data. If you want to any person doesn’t change any data with your permission. You must use security system.

There are different security available to protect the sheet, such as Lock Cells, Format Cells, From Rows, Delete Columns and much. You can use the security system to protect Excel Sheet Cells, Rows, and Column etc as you want. Furthermore, if you want to use Password that’s possible, you can use a password to protect sheet as well.

How to Lock an Excel File from Editing

That’s very simple process to Lock Excel Sheet. If you want to lock Sheet follow my Instructions. Open Excel go to Review Tab>Protect Sheet and select security options as you want to protect. Then use password as you want and Click OK Button. After that your complete workbook / sheet as protected. Then any users or person don’t change your Data without your permission. You can also protect Workbook, then users or person don’t make the sheet in your file.

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How to Protect Excel Sheet Tutorial

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