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How to Start a Blog Tutorial in Urdu


In this season I have shared with you How to Start a Blog, Are You interested in Blogging field and you have don’t knowledge about it, don’t worry in this video tutorial, I have solved your problems. Basically, blogging interested peoples don’t knowledge about How to Start a Blog (Website). They are asking different questions, but they don’t understand via messages or emails. The previous time I have don’t knowledge about it and I have found how to make a website or how to start a blogging etc after search Google display with top websites, I have visited them but I have don’t understood it.

So, I visit my First Teacher Office and who has worked on it after that I have seen. After that, I  start a blog Namely Learn2Free. I have made completely website on my behalf. So, that’s working as well and I working on it to get page rank.   

Start a Blog

How to Buy Domain and Hosting.

First of All, you will require Domain Name and Web Hosting, you will buy a Domain with Different International Websites  namely Godaddy, NameCheap  and more  available, but I have already bought a Domains on Godaddy So, I recommended Godaddy otherwise NameCheap.  Second is Web Hosting it very important, if you want to buy a Web Hosting you must be checked with a server runtime (99.99%). After check server time you will buy a Web Hosting for Different Websites like Hostgator, BlueHost or Local Companies like HosterPK. Basically, I Live in Pakistan and I have used Web Hosting with HosterPK, they provide superb services, are you Pakistani, I recommended HosterPK.

Buy a Hosting

How to Connect Domain and Web Hosting.

You have bought a Domain and Hosting with Godaddy, Hostgator etc it means you bought a domain Godaddy and you bought a Hosting Hostgator, your domain don’t have configuration DNS (Domain Name Server). You have bought a Domain and Hosting with Godaddy Only, who has automatically configure your domain Name Server. If you have bought a Domain Godaddy and Web Hosting with a different company like HosterPK, you must be configured Domain Name Server.

I will understand with Godaddy and HosterPK Configuration. You have bought Domain and Web Hosting. After Bought Web Hosting, they are sent an Email to your Email Address. Simple you will open an Email after opened email, you have seen complete web hosting details like CPanel UserName, Password Name Server Details etc, and you bought a Domain Godaddy.

Let’s Start to Configure, First of you login Godaddy, then Click Above Right Side Your Profile Name, after clicking it you have seen different links, simple click Manage My Domains.  After Click Manage My Domain you have jumped DOMAIN CONTROLS, you click simple your domain name (learn2free.com) link, after that you have seen DOMAIN DETAILS go to Name Server Below Manage Link, After that you have seen Nameserver Setting Below Displayed Nameserver Two Rows Click Edit Nameserver and Paste with Your Web Hosting Nameserver like (059.hosterpk.com and 060.hosterpk.com). That’s all you have connected Domain with Your Web Hosting.

How Can I  Start a Blog?

That’s Final Step to Start Display Your Website on the Web, If you have made a website HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, you go to CPanel Root Directory Folder and Upload Your Complete Website Folder, after that your website displayed on the web as well. But You don’t any knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, I Recommended with you the World Largest CMS (Content Management System) Namely WordPress, you can use it and make a  responsive Website and attractive website as well if you have don’t knowledge  WordPress.  I have already shared WordPress Complete Training kindly watch and follow after that you can easily make a website with the help of WordPress.

These Completely Procedures about How to Start a Blog, I have shared complete guide about it, I hope you have understood as well, otherwise, I have made a video tutorial about this topic, I hope video tutorial is very helpless and beneficial for you.  

How to Start a Blog Tutorial in Urdu

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