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How to Use Heading Tags to Get More Organic Traffic


There are Six Headings Tags <h1> to <h6>, you can use them on your articles websites/blogs. Headings is very important for Search Engine Optimization, users you have visited different blogs/website. And you have seen more than bloggers use heading tags to break content. That’s very important to use heading tags for break content, I mean any visitors come on your blog, then who easily read your article.

If you wrote an article and you don’t have included headings tags, then visitors faced problem to read an article. Basically, Browsers backend already defined codes or program, you simply use Heading Tags and browsers automatically displayed text biggest sizes versus on your paragraph text.


How Many Heading Tags Are in HTML

Headings tags are defined with the h1 to h6, and these tags text sizes are different. For Example, I have used h2 tags on above, h2 tags automatically displayed differently on my paragraph text. And I want to use h3 tags than h3 tag size is decrease versus h2 tags.  So, you can use heading tags in the single article as well.

How to Use Heading Tags for Better in SEO

Heading Tags you can use in manual websites such as .html, ASP.Net or php, you can use h2 tag like <h2>This is heading Two</h2>.If you used Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla, and Dripple, you can use h2 tags in a single article, but you don’t use h1 tags. Basically, h1 heading already uses in your article title, so, a better suggestion is to use h2 tags and h3 tags.

H2 tags use on your article many times, but you must use the one-time main keyword on a single article. That’s is very important optimize article, you can use another related keyword on h2 tag. That’s another important trick for SEO.

How to Find Keywords for Related on your Article

Basically, you search any keyword on google, then google display different websites, you simply go to below and display related searches for search different users. So, Pick any one for related on your content and use them in your article, and use h2 tag.

Furthermore, I have already used these methods, and I got the result as well. So I want to share this knowledge. However, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, if you face any problem. Kindly watch my video tutorial, I hope after watch my video tutorial you can easily understand it.

How to Use Heading Tags Tutorial

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