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How to Use Joins in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu


Today, We Will learn How to Use Joins in SQL Server in Urdu/Hindi Language. Basically, Joins are used to view record multiple tables. There are four types of Join, they are working different, but mostly use Inner Joins to view multiple table record.  You have made many different tables, and you have included relationship one to many or many to many. So, you will run a query like “select * from table name”, you doesn’t display readable record. So, Users doesn’t understand it.

If you want to display readable record, you can use Joins in SQL Server to display record as well.  Joins are used two or more tables are joined than you can display record as well. However, I have used mostly Inner joins, but sometimes use another join such as Left Join, Right Join or Full Join.


Furthermore, more than beginners facing problems how to use joins. And they are don’t understand it, basically, Joins are added multiple table’s column Names, and you can Match different tables IDs than you will get results as well.

Inner Join Example:

First of All, We will require tables to use Inner Joins. I have made three tables namely “Category”, “Product” and “JoinTable”.

create table Category (Ct_ID int primary key identity(1,1), Category_Name varchar(50))

create table Products(Pr_ID int primary key identity (1,1), ProductName varchar(50))

I have inserted record in two tables:

insert into Cateogry values(‘Nokia’),(‘Samsung’)

insert into Products values (‘Lumia’),(‘Galaxy’),(‘ Nokia Lumia 801’), (‘Samasung Galaxy 7’)

I have made “Category” and “ Product” Table relationship with another Table namely “JoiTable”.

create table joinTable
J_ID int primary key identity(1,1),
C_ID int foreign key references Cateogry(Ct_ID),
Pr_ID int foreign key references Products(Pr_ID)

After that, I have inserted record on Join Table:

insert into joinTable values (1,1),(1,3),(2,2),(2,4)

That’s simple process to make tables, Insert Record and Use Relationship. Now come to point, If you want to search “joinTable”, then you can see below result:


But I want to display record readable, So, I want to use Joins. I have already told you, there are four Joins, and below used to Inner Join Tables and display record as well.

select Cateogry.Category_Name,Products.ProductName
from joinTable inner join
Cateogry on
inner join Products on

After use, Inner join you can see the record on below as well.


Right Join Query and Result:

select Cateogry.Category_Name,Products.ProductName
from joinTable right join
Cateogry on
right join Products on


Left Join Query and Result:

select Cateogry.Category_Name,Products.ProductName
from joinTable left join
Cateogry on
left join Products on


Full Join Query and Result:

select Cateogry.Category_Name,Products.ProductName
from joinTable full join
Cateogry on
full join Products on


However, that’s the simple process to use SQL Server Joins. I have made a video tutorial, I discussed How to Use SQL Server Joins and Display Record in Windows Form Application GridView. So, I recommended All of you watch below tutorial, you can more ideas about Joins in SQL Server and Display Record with GridView.

How to Use Joins in SQL Server Tutorial in Urdu

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