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How to Use MailChimp to Send Emails Tutorial in Urdu


Today We Will Learn How To Use MailChimp to Send Emails, Basically, MailChimp is popular Email Marketing Web Tool, which is use to promote any products using Email Marketing Method. There many ways to promote products such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing etc.

But, mostly marketing tools are paid and some tools are free. You can Choose any paid or free to promote products on the web as well. But, if you want to get a quick result, you must be use paid marketing tools. Then you will get quickly result. If you don’t use paid No Problem, you can use free tools to promote tools as well, but free tools are working slowly.


However, Today I have shared How to Use MailChimp to Send Emails from your Email Subscriber Users. Basically, newbies in this field facing problem to use different tools such Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing etc. So, I want to share Knowledge step by step, recently I have shared the complete course of Digital Marketing in Urdu/Hindi Language.

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I have understood How You Can Promote Products on the Web and get quick results. But, I think I don’t share How to use Email Marketing tools to send Emails on Email Subscriber. So, I have made a video tutorial on this topic. You can watch and get ideas about Email Marketing.

How to Send a Campaign in MailChimp?

First of All, you have MailChimp Account, otherwise, you will make an Account to fill in the Simple Signup Form. After making MailChimp Account, Simple Login to Account. Right side Available Button Create Campaign>Select Type of Campaign to Send to choose below different Types such as Regular Campaign, Plain-Text Campaign etc.

Basically, I have used Regular Campaign. After Select Any One Types of Campaign, you have seen three ways to send Emails like Entire List, Saved-Pre Built Segment, and Finally Group or new Segment. Basically, I have collected Emails on My Website, so I have used Entire List. If you want to use another method as you wish.

But, I recommend you use to Entire List After that Fill in the Form like Campaign Name, Email Subject than Go to Right Side on Below Click Next Button. Email Subjects is very important to attract your Email Subscriber, so you must be used Attractive Words.

Choose Templates as you want to use on Email, I have used 1 Column. So, you use another Template as you wish. After Select Column you jump on next Email Design Page. You can use a different text, Videos, Pictures, Links, Social Networks Icons, Buttons as Well. After Design and wrote an Email Right Side below Show Next Button Click it and Then you have seen setup your Complete Email. After that Right side Below Click Send Email that’s it.

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However, these are the procedure to send Emails. If you use above procedure to send Emails to your Email Subscribers users and get results as well. Furthermore, I have made the video tutorial on this topic, I have included on below, and you can watch and get ideas about it.      

How to Use MailChimp to Send Emails

Thanks for Watch Complete video How to Use MailChimp to Send Emails, after watch this video tutorial, I hope you have understood as well, and you will learn it something new. Kindly, share my content on social networks, and subscribe my website social networks pages like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Email for post updates.

If you have any question / suggestion about this topic, comment or email me after received your email or comment, I will reply with your answer maximum 24 hours. Thanks Again for a visit, Read my Complete Article and Watch my Videos. Keep touch my website, I will share very soon application like Android Application very soon.

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