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How to Install Centos on Virtual Box Tutorial in Urdu


Today We Will Learn How to Install Centos on Virtual Box. First of All, We Will Understand Virtual Box, VB is a Virtualization Application Software. Which is used to Install Extra Operating System in Single Computer as a Guest Operating System. The Extra Operating System Run in a Virtual Machine.

VirtualBox one of the most popular virtualization application software. VB Supported Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris etc.

Virtual Box was initially developed by Innotek GmbH and released in 2007 as an Open Source Application Software. The Corporation was future bought by Sun Microsystems.  Oracle Corporation now develops the Software and Title it Oracle VM Virtual Box.


What Is CentOS Linux?

CentOS stand for Community Enterprise Operating System, released in May 2004. CentOS purely free operating System delivery founded upon the Linux Kernal, it is one of the most general Linux distribution in the hosting industries. Most Hosting Companies Control Panels use in CentOS as the preferred Linux Distribution.

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How to Install CentOS on VirtualBox?

First of All, you need to Download and Install VirtualBox from VirtualBox Official Website. Then you Download CentOS from CentOS Official Website. After that, you need to Install CentOS on Virtual Box, What You Need to Do?

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Follow on my Instructions:

Open VirtualBox Click to New Button, you enter any windows Name>Type Liunx>Version RedHat 32 Bit. After that enter Memory, Size Default is 1024, you can increase Memory as you wish. Then you select the second option > Create a VirtualBox Harddisk Now>VHD(Virtual Hard Disk)>Dynamically Allocated>Hard Drive size default is 8.00 GB.

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After complete above process, you will need to Install CentOS on Virtual Box. Go to Setting > Left side Storage>Empty>Optical Drive>Browse CentOS Setup in ISO File. If you change another setting as you wish. But this normal setup to Install CentOS on VB.

After that Click>Start Button and You will see CentOS Setup is running. Select> Install or Upgrade an existing System>Skip>OK. After that, you will see CentOS Installation Mode, Select Right CTRL Button and Click to Mouse Button. Then Press Next Button>Select Language>Basic Storage Devices>Yes, discard any data>Next.

Then Select Time Zone>Enter Root Password>Replace Existing Linux System(s)>Write Changes to Disk>Desktop. That’s finally steps completed, wait for few minutes to Install Linux on VB. After Complete Installation you will need to Restart Button.

Furthermore, these complete steps to Install CentOS on Virtual Box. Now, I have made a video tutorial on this topic. I hope video tutorial is helpful and beneficial for everyone to understand any knowledge as well.

How to Install Centos on Virtual Box Tutorial in Urdu

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