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How to Install WordPress on Localhost in Urdu


Hello, everybody, I hope you all of fine, today I have shared with How to Install WordPress on Localhost? In this tutorial I will understand, I have already shared WordPress Tutorial and Installation with Online Server, but if you want to Install WordPress on Localhost today I understand. Basically, Localhost means local computer, if you no ideas about WordPress or you don’t have money to buy the Web Hosting Online, and you will learn WordPress, I recommended Install WordPress on Localhost and do to practice.   

Furthermore, I have already shared a different tutorial for related on WordPress, I suggest you must be watching them, these video tutorials is more help to understand overall WordPress, below I have shared links on my previous tutorials.

Install WordPress on Localhost

There many steps to Install WordPress on Localhost, First of all, you need to Download Xampp, after that Install and Configure it, after that you Download WordPress Latest version from WordPress Official Website,  Follow on Below Instructions.

How to Download and Install Xampp

First of All you will learn WordPress, you must be understand Localhost, basically your computer is called Localhost that’s working on your PC to run Server side Languages like PHP, ASP.NET, JSP etc, Basically WordPress is made in PHP, PHP is server side programming language, so, you must be Install Xampp to run Server Side Programming language on local computer. After Install XAMPP, your computer is able to Run a Server Side Programming Language.

Above I have included XAMPP Download Link, Click to Download Latest Version of XAMPP, and simply install on the personal computer, basically default install XAMPP is location is C: Drive on your PC.  After Complete Install XAMPP you go to C: Drive and Find “XAMPP” folder after that you will see another sub-folder namely “htdocs”, basically “htdocs” is a root folder for store your Store Your Folder/Files.

How to Download and Install WordPress

Now Complete Procedure to Installed XAMPP is successfully on your PC, after that you will require download WordPress (CMS) Content Management System, and install on your local computer or Localhost, basically, your PC is configured to run WordPress, PHP Scripts or Store Data in Java Programming Language, Now Simply Goto “http://www.wordpress.org” Official Website.

Simple Go to WordPress Official Website and Download WordPress Latest Version, WordPress Files available in Zipped File, you simply extract it and Copy or Cut WordPress Folder, Go to C: Drive “XAMPP” folder and Sub-Folder namely “htdocs” paste it. Now  That’s is completed, You will Run WordPress on Localhost or Local Computer as well. You simply go to browser and type below words:

  • Localhost/Wordpress

After that you will see WordPress Installation procedure, you will complete some requirements like Database Name, User Name, Password and Database Host to Install WordPress on Localhost/local computer. Basically, this requirement you will get with PhpmyAdmin. Simple Type “Localhost/PHPMyAdmin” in your browser and you will create a simple database for Install WordPress and another requirement simple click to above “User” Button and you will see with requirements available.

However, If you don’t understand or any problem to understand above methods, I have made the video tutorial on this topic, kindly watch and follow, In this video tutorial, I have the tech with you step by step, I hope you will understand as well.

Install WordPress on Localhost in Urdu

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