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How to Start UBL Internet Banking Tutorial in Urdu


I, Hope you all of fine, in this tutorial, I have tech Internet Banking. I have seen different online companies like Web Hosting, Domains, and much more, they are using Internet Banking, Online Payment Procedure with different methods, it is very important and most beneficially. You will buy any products on the web, you must have Debit Card to purchase online products, and If you want to Buy Web Hosting or Domains with Local Companies like Pakistan, you will send a payment with different methods like Debit Card, Easy Paisa etc, So, they are methods working as well, but you will face difficulties to send payment, and you will pay extra charges.

Furthermore, If you have Internet Banking with any Local Bank you will be sending payment easily without any charges It means you will send a payment UBL to UBL, you will be sent payment without any charges, if you want to send payment UBL to another local bank you will pay some extra charges.

Internet Banking

However, I have faced problems to send and receive payments. So, I am using Internet Banking, and I have shared with you. I have made a video tutorial and me, understand with step by step, you can watch my video tutorial and follow them. 

How to Start Internet Banking?

First of All, you have Local Bank like UBL, HBL, Standard Chartered Account, Basically, I am using UBL (United Bank Limited) Account, So, I, understand about UBL. After Account Opened, you will call now helpline and you will tell them, I start Internet Banking please update Email.  After Updated Email, you will go to http://www.ubldirect.com/Corporate/ebank.aspx and right side display UserName box below display NewUser? Click to Sign Up Form, you simple click NewUser link, then you will fill in the simple form and click Next, then you will receive Activation Email for go to Email Account and Click Activation Email, after  that you will fill in the Second Method Information like User Name, Password, and Secret Question, after that your  Internet Banking is Start. The first time you log in with your UserName and Password after that, you will set up to maximum transaction daily basis and Generate T-Pin (Transaction Ping). Simple Click T-Pin Click Link and configure with expiry date T-Pin after that T-Pin sent with your email, after complete these procedure you will send a payment as well, but your first transaction time, you will require another I think Q-Pin, Q-Pin pin entered one time for the first transaction, Q-Pin sent with your Mobile Number.

Now, I hope you will understand as well about Internet Banking, if you want to face difficulties, below I have shared the video tutorial on this topic, you want to watch it and I hope you this video is helpful and beneficially for you.

Internet Banking Video Training

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