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Java Programming For Beginners Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared Java programming for beginners video training in Urdu/Hindi Language. It is one of the most popular OOP languages. It helps programmers to develop a wide range of applications that can run on various hardware and Operating System (OS). It is also a platform that creates an environment for executing Java application. It caters to small-scale to large-scale problems across the Internet.

Below, I have shared complete knowledge about Java, futures and Video Trainings in Urdu/Hindi Language, you can simply read complete article for getting knowledge about Java, and if you interested to programming fields, kindly watch my video tutorials and follow on videos.

Java Programming For Beginners

Java applications are built on variety of platforms that range from:

  • Embedded Devices to Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications to Mobile Phones
  • Large business applications to supercomputers

History of Java

1991 Team of engineers from Sun Microsystems wanted to design a language for consumer devices. The project was named as ‘Green Project’. The team included: James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. Efforts were taken to produce portable and a platform independent language that can run on any machine. The result was an evolution of Java.Initially called ‘OAK’ and later renamed to Java .

Java Wonder: The Internet

1995 Internet and Web started emerging and was used worldwide. Sun Microsystems turned Java into an Internet programming language. It emerged as a Web technology that added dynamic capabilities to the Web pages.

Java Moved: Middle-tier

1997 Sun Microsystems defined Servlets API to generate dynamic HTML for Web pages and Enterprise JavaBeans for developing business logics.

Sun Microsystems released three versions for free under General Public License (GPL) these are:  Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME)

Java Ahead: Acquisition

2009 Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation. The project Coin was launched to enhance Java programming language. Java EE 6 was released with simplified development and deployment model.

2010 The specification for Java 7 was approved by the Java Community Process (JCP).

Above All about Java history, these are very helpful knowledge for Java Developers. If you apply for the position of Java Developer, above questions should be remembered forget Java Developers Position. These questions are very simples, and I hope you easily remember it.

However, I have continuously included everyone previous article I will share Java and C# Programming Languages course in Urdu/Hindi Language, Today, I have shared Java Programming For Beginners in Urdu/Hindi Language, you can watch my video tutorials and do practice on the personal computer.

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Java Programming For Beginners Tutorial in Urdu

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