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Keyword Density Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language


Keyword Density means any word repetition which is used with your article. It is most important for your websites articles. We will publish the article on personal websites without any get idea what search users in search engines. So, I have a tech with you Keyword Density. If you can follow my instructions I hope your sites and articles improving quickly and you complete understand about type article in SEO Friendly on the personal website. Search Engines allow 3% percent Keyword repeat and your article, but I suggest you 2% percent repeat keyword in your article. Examples if you type an article 500 words you can repeat 15 words and single articles.

If you can follow these instructions you can easily improving articles and sites. However, You do not above repeat 3% percent If type an article and above 3% percent Google Algorithm namely Google Penguin is detected your article and banned with your article. If you type article and include repeat 3% below it is most beneficially for your sites and articles to increase improving in search engines.

Furthermore, I have followed these instructions my articles is improving day by day and I have shared with you on Video tutorials about this post. I hope you can follow an instruction, I have published below this topic video tutorial you can easily understand it. After complete watch my video tutorial you can complete knowing about KD. It is the SEO related topic and very importance for SEO learning starting.    

Above, I have, wrote an article about Keyword Density, I have, included complete details. However, Below I have included Video Tutorial, I hope after watch my video tutorial, you can be understood as well. Basically, I have explained very well and work with practically. 

Keyword Density Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language

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