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Make a Website Table Base Tutorial in Urdu


I have a tech with your to Make a website with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 with table base Video Training in Urdu/Hindi Language. First of all, you can set a mind for making the design of your website after that you can easily understand. It is basic level training for of junior web designer. First of all, you good knowledge about HTML5 and CSS3 after that you can understand this training very well.

But don’t worry I have discussed one by one HTML5 tags and CSS3 properties. It is paid course of HTML5 project one, I have shared with you free of cost another two projects available in DVDs If you want to learn completely HTML5&CSS3 with projects you can visit my DVD page. Furthermore, It if part of HTML table tags with a simple design for your site. First of All, you I suggest you first you learn HTML5CSS3, and JavaScript after that you can learn easily of this video training. Previously I have made a training HTML5 and CSS3 with live examples and I have discussed one by one tag and properties.


What We Will Learn in this Course.

  • Make a Complete Layout
  • Make a Header
  • Make a Menus
  • Make a Sidebars
  • Make a Main Content
  • Make a Footer

We will learn in this course above all topic with live examples, and I have made a complete training one by one you can easily learn it, I have published below five videos on this course you can watch one by one, and do practice on personal computer, if you followed my instruction, I hope you remember everyone codes, and you can easily Make a Website as well. 

Make a Website Table Base Tutorial in Urdu

After watch my complete videos about Make a website, you can learn it something new it. If you want to learn completely HTML5 and CSS3 to buy a DVD. If you like this course to share with personal friends and like my website social network pages like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for post updates. Furthermore, You can subscribe an email I have published any posts on my website feed burner sent with automatically email for post updates. If you have any question / suggestion about this post to comment me on below section I will reply with your answer about 24 hours. Thanks for the visit and watch my video tutorials connected with me.