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How to Make Money with YouTube Tutorial


YouTube is a second search engine on the web and Today, I have the tech with you How to Make Money from YouTube. There are different platform available on the make money online such as Google AdSense, Buy Sell Ads, Udemy, Infolinks etc, but YouTube is biggest videos platform, I think billion or trillion peoples visited daily basis on YouTube and different bloggers, publish a videos daily basis on different topics and earn money with the help of monetizing videos.

Furthermore, come to point User more than peoples make a website and who has been running Google AdSense or Buy Sell ads, more than people’s running on Google AdSense get approve normal account, but some peoples got Google AdSense and some peoples don’t follow Google Policies and they don’t get AdSense Normal Account.

I have taught you How to Make Money from YouTube without any investment without any website, and you will earn money thousand Dollars per months. I have seen more than people’s publish a copyrighted videos and they don’t get success on the web. But this is wrong track, the True track is a Success in your life.


Basically, I have already shared different video tutorials on this topic, but I never understand How to Make Money from YouTube start to end. So, I want to share Knowledge A to Z about YouTube, and different tricks to Make Money from YouTube true ways. If you have good Knowledge or expert about any fields, you can earn money online as well, otherwise, you don’t have any knowledge or any expertise any fields, I prefer you must learn any course or expertise, then you get success on the web as well.

How to Make a Channel with YouTube?

If you want to make money from YouTube, you should make a Channel, you easily make a channel using Single Gmail ID, and then you will start a Business on YouTube as well. YouTube Channel is very important to Introducing your topic. Then you will share a Videos on your selected topics. Interested users watch your videos and easily subscribe your channel. Slowly you will get more subscriber, subscriber means interested peoples on your channel. You will share any video, you easily get more views and more watch time.

How to Make a Video?

YouTube is supported videos, So, you must make a unique video with the help of video recording software such as Camtasia Application Software or any other record software, otherwise If you don’t record a videos and want to write a text and using background music, you should be using Powerpoint to create slide show and include complete data as you share, then make a video as well.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

You can easily monetize videos and earn money with YouTube as well, but you have uploaded Unique videos after that you will submit a request to monetization, YouTube team review your application and couple of hours you will receive approved Email for monetization, if you have uploaded copyrighted video’s, you don’t get approve monetization application.

How to Promote YouTube Channel and Videos?

Promote videos is very important to get more views and subscribe to your channel quickly, if you want to get the result quickly, you must be share videos and channel on social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit etc.  

However, I have made video course on this topic in Urdu/Hindi Language, you can watch on follow on my video tutorials then you  easily understand about How to Make Money  from YouTube. I have a tech with you one by one and clearly. Below I have shared videos on this topic, kindly watch one by one and follow them.

How to Make Money from YouTube Tutorial

Thanks for Watch Complete Video tutorial about How to Make Money from YouTube, after watch, I hope you have understood as well and you will learn it something new. Kindly, share my content on social networks and subscribe my website social networks pages like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Email for post updates. If you have any question / suggestion about this topic comment or email me after received your email or comment I will reply with your answer maximum 24 hours. Thanks Again for a visit, Read my Complete Article and Watch my Videos. Keep touch my website I will share popular programming Languages like C# and Windows App very soon. 

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