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Make Money with Google AdSense Tutorial in Urdu


Today We Will learn How to Make Money with Google AdSense, AdSense is a PPC (Pay per Click) Advertisement Network, It displays ads on geographically and keyword based, AdSense Ads come from Google Adwords Advertisers. You can earn with More Money with it but if you have more visitors in your site/blog. There is simple information about Google AdSense. Users, there are different advertisements companies available online, but I have seen different sites AdSense ads and everyone people run to get AdSense account without understanding AdSense. One more powerful Advertisement Network namely BuySell Ads. If you can earn $100 dollars in AdSense, but you have BuySell Ads you can earn double triple money online as well. 

There are Two Types of AdSense Account. (1)Non-Hosted Account (02) Hosted Account. Hosted Account is approved easily, but Non-Hosted Account does not approve easily.


Furthermore, You Can Make Money with Infolinks. Infolinks (PPC) pay per Advertiser Company. You can simply approve your sites in Infolinks. However, I have made complete training to Make Money with Google AdSense, I have discussed with step by step in this topic on video behalf.Make Money with Google AdSense, I have discussed with step by step in this topic on video behalf.

If You want to approve my sites in AdSense you can follow on six (06) steps after that I hope you site is approved in AdSense as well.

  1. The website is Complete (Not under Construction).
  2. Website Design is Very Good & Clear.
  3. Website Content (20 to 30) Posts/Articles.
  4. Website must have About Me, Contact Me and Privacy Policy Pages.
  5. The website must be Two (02) Months old.
  6. Website Receive Some Traffic in Search Engines.

Above all points to approve your site in AdSense. If you can follow these steps I hope you can easily get AdSense Account without face any difficulties. Furthermore, I hope you can understand as well If you want to any problem to understand. I have made a Video Tutorial to Make Money with AdSense on Below Section. I hope you can most helpful on my video tutorial.

Make Money with Google AdSense in Urdu

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