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Make a Responsive Website in Bootstrap Tutorial


Responsive website or web application is very important at this time. Previously time everyone used Desktop PC or laptop and everyone make a website fixed layout. Fixed Layout or website means developer included fixed screen size like (960px width and height 1080 etc), basically, these sizes are working as well on your desktop PC or laptop, but these size does not display your website on mobile or tablet devices, that’s website/layout made by only on Desktop and Laptop users only, does not mobile or tablet users. That’s is previously story, but, I think this time 60% percent Mobile and Tables users using the internet and 40% percent users using Desktop or Laptop PCs.

However, if you want to make a website or web application on, this time, you must be done responsive after that your website or web application display as well with different devices like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and Laptop. Basically, the Responsive method you can easily include with your website or web application, but you have good knowledge CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet), after that you will do it easily.

Responsive website

Now, CSS3 provide with us @Media Query to make a website responsive, but this method is long term way to do a website responsive or web application if you want to make a responsive website or application short term, I recommended Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the popular HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

If you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript, you can easily make a website responsive, but this is long-term way, if you have good knowledge about Bootstrap you can make a website responsive quickly and your long time saved. Basically, If you no idea about Bootstrap, I have already shared Complete Bootstrap Tutorial watch it after that you have good knowledge about Bootstrap and Today I, have shared technics to make a website responsive with designing with the help of Bootstrap after watching this course, you can easily make a website responsive or using Bootstrap with different platform like Web Application.

Today, I have shared complete video training how to make a website responsive with the help of Bootstrap, this course completed and you can learn free of cost, after that you will able to make a website responsive, below I have shared complete course in one playlist, you can watch on video second video is automatically. Watch video one by one does not skip the video and watch one video tutorial after that do practice with a personal computer. If you will follow me methods, my guarantee you remembered all codes, after that you will make projects or work like Designing Static Website or Responsive Website, you can do it quickly without any difficulties.

Make a Responsive Website in Bootstrap Tutorial

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