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Importance of Meta Description in SEO Tutorial in Urdu


Meta Description very important part of on page SEO. The Meta Description is the short summary of your website, which appears on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The Search Engines easily find on your website and posts with the help of description. I think more than bloggers use Content Management System such as WordPress, and you can Install Yoast SEO Plugin or All in One SEO Plugin on your website. After Install Any One SEO Plugin. SEO Plugins provided with you to write “Title Tag” and “Meta Description” and more options, simply you write perfect words on your website and pages than SEO Plugins display your title and description in Search Engines as well.    

However, if you making a website with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, you must be included meta tag attribute on head section, This is very important to your website and web pages, more than peoples doesn’t include meta tag attributes, and they don’t get more traffic.


Basically meta description short summary of your website and post. The number of characters allows 150 to 160 characters, but if you using WordPress site and SEO plugin namely Yoast. Yoast is suggested to write meta description 155 characters is best. But you write a unique description on your website and maximum characters is 150 or 155. Then you site and your post easily appears on Search Engine Result.

What is Meta Description Tag Code?

<meta name=”description” content=” The largest Hub of Urdu Video Tutorials on Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Make Money Online, Web Development, Web Designing.”>

Manually website users, you include Tag Code of Meta Description on head section, which is very important  for your SEO, Google-like and quickly indexes pages .html extension websites. If you don’t include Meta Description code, and you wrote an article on your website, Google automatically picks up on your article first paragraph and display  Search Engines, that’s is good to your website.

You don’t write the duplicate description, you must be write unique. I mean if you write Description on your website that the same description you write on post / pages, that’s duplicated. If you write unique description your website ranking increase as well and you save duplicate issue on your website.

I have made a video tutorial on this topic, If you face any problem to understand about Description, kindly watch my video tutorial on below section, after watch my video tutorial, I hope you easily understood it. Basically, I have explained about Description and Importance.

Importance of Meta Description Tutorial in Urdu

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