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MS Excel 2010 Complete Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi


Today I have shared MS Excel Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi Language, MS Excel is a component of MS Office. MS Office introduced by Microsoft, Which is Used to make Commission Sheets, Pay Sheets, etc. It is used for mostly in Office work Like National & Internal Companies, Non-Government Organizations, Educations & Others. In this time everyone using Computer, Laptop and Windows Phone, So, I prefer you must learn Basic official software such MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Access.

MS Excel one of  the most components, it is helping to make salary sheets, commission sheets and much more. MS Excel mostly using to accountability work such as Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Average, Percentage etc.  You can use MS Excel to complete accountability work as well and save your work a time.

Furthermore, You have seen different companies, organizations, universities, shopkeepers, they are using MS Office components, but mostly using MS Excel. So, I want you will learn MS Excel start to end. I have shared below completely MS Excel tutorials in Urdu/Hindi Language. You can watch my video tutorial series and follow them. I hope you will understand as well.


First of All you Watch Video Tutorial and do practice with the personal computer. It is very important for you. Your mind has been clearly understood everyone lectures. Practice is very beneficially for you. You Watch My Video Tutorial One by One, don’t jump to next video. I hope you can follow my instructions, If you will follow my instruction, I hope  You can learn this course as well. 

In this course, you will learn Basic to Advance Excel Formulas, Usage of Rows, Columns, Styles, Sheets and much more. But, I have focused mostly formulas basic to advance. I hope you will learn a lot of Formulas and usage of different tools or components.

Below, I have shared the complete course of MS Excel in Urdu/Hindi Language. You can watch complete videos series wise. Basically, I have made YouTube Playlist and included All my Excel Lectures in Single Playlist. You can watch First video then you will automatically jump next video. You don’t require to click next Button.

MS Excel Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi Language

This is the complete course of MS Excel, I hope you understood as well. Thanks for Watch Complete video, after watch this video tutorial, I hope you have understood as well, and you will learn it something new. Kindly, share my content on social networks, and subscribe my website social networks pages like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Email for post updates.

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