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Google Panda Penguin Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Users today I have shared with most important SEO technics about Panda Penguin.  It is very helpful and most beneficially for you. I have a tech with you Google Algorithms Panda and Penguin which is working on the web 24/7 and they are harmed on running websites who has does not follow them policies. If Google Panda and Google Penguin Algorithms harms your site is does not show on the Search Engines and your sites traffics on the time decreased. There are different Google Algorithms running on the, but I have a made complete training about Google Algorithms Panda and Penguin. I have explained in this tutorial very well. If you can follow on my video lectures, after that I hope you these Algorithms does not harm on your site and you are working on the web safely without any difficulties. 


About Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda Introduced by Google It is released on February 2011, which harms on websites/blogs which is do not follow terms. The term as under you can read and understand it as well.

  1. Low-Quality Content
  2. Copied Content
  3. Thin Content
  4. Above the Fold Content
  5. Bad Website Structure

If you can follow on above main five points your sites so safe and running on the web as well. If you don’t follow on these terms after that Google Panda harms on your sites after that your sites recover does not easy on the same position on Search Engines.

About Google Penguin Algorithm

Google Penguin most powerful Google Algorithm which is introduced by Google on April 2012. It is detected on websites which do not follow these terms. The terms as below.

  1. Unnatural Backlinks.
  2. Paid Backlinks.
  3. Keyword Stuffing (Over Optimization).
  4. Bad Anchor Text.
  5. Irrelevant Backlinks.

If you can follow on these main five terms you are so safe. If you don’t follow in these terms after that Google Algorithm is harmed on your sites. I hope you can understand as well in this article. I have published a Video Tutorial in this topic on below section, you can understand on my videos as well.

  Google Panda Penguin Tutorial in Urdu

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