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Complete PHP & MySQLi Training in Urdu


PHP stand for Hyper Text Pre-Processor which can create Dynamic Website & Web Application. PHP is server site Scripting Language and powerful web programming language. MySQLi is used Database Store with PHP which is also the popular application used to thousand companies for storing Text Information. The Latest Technology is very fast day by day. Internet usage very fast at this time. Everyone uses to internet and understand very well. This Technology is most beneficially for us. Some people understand very well and Make Money online on the Internet. I have created to complete updated course PHP & MySQLi. I have work practically you learn very easy. This web programming language, not for the run without a server. You should be download XAMPP application software and install it. After that XAMPP application software work is an offline server on your computer and you can run this web programming language offline. You are complete create the website project in this language and upload you are main server. You Site is seen online. First of All You Can Watch on my Web Design Course are as under.


Outline of the Course

  1. Installing Tools
  2. Basic PHP Syntax
  3. Echo & Print
  4. Local Variable
  5. Global Variable
  6. Arrays
  7. Data Types
  8. Loops
  9. Functions
  10. Include & Require
  11. GET & POST
  13. Cookies
  14. Mail
  15. Filters
  16. File Handling
  17. Errors
  18. Upload Image

First of All you watch this video course/trick, you should be install on google chrome extension ZenMate, after that you will watch this video course. This Course hosted on youtube, but youtube is blocked on Pakistan. You should be install on personal browser ZenMate Google Chrome Extension. 

Watch PHP & MySQLi Video Tutorial in Urdu

This is Not enough, we will upload many Videos of PHP & MySQLi Course in Urdu very soon on this page. These Videos will make you understand very easily and will be help for full for you. Furthermore, you watch on my videos and practice now every day, I hope you can learn easily and very soon.

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