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How to Retouch Image Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi


Retouch Image with the help of Anurag 10 tool, it is use for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5. Retouch Image Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi Language. Some People have been interesting is Finishing/Re-Touch, Design, Change Background Personal, Family, Friends images. But they don’t understand in Adobe Photoshop any Series. Adobe Photoshop which can use to Graphics Design Application Software.  Users I, recommend you are used for Anurag 10 tool. I confirm you can design the image very fast just a few minutes. Anurag 10 tool is very powerful work jointly in Adobe Photoshop Series. They don’t understand in Adobe Photoshop and interest with image design I recommended we will be used his tool. Furthermore, you don’t go to any photography shop or any photo studio I have made a video in this course in Urdu/Hindi Language, I hope this trick is most beneficial. However,   have download this software below link.

Download Anurag 10


Introduction (Anurag 10 Tools).

  • Skin  (Soft Skin 1L,2M,3H,) (Soft Skin 1N,2N, Remove Spot 3N & Other).
  • Level (1 to 10, L-10 Number of Brightness, Fade, Lighten) (White Balance “RGB, CMYK” & Other).
  • Make-up (Glamour Look, Eye Shadow Hair Colour, Eye Shadow, Lip, Colour, Eye Brow).
  • BG-PP (Change BG One Click) Passport Size (8PP, 6PP 4TS, 16PP, 12PP 9TS, 32PP, 5x5CM).
  • Borders (25 Border in Different Sizes 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 8×12).
  • Effect (Matter) (Fuji Tone) (Deep Yellow) (Contrast) (Selective Focus) (Color Ornaments B&W, Sketch).
  • BW-Colour (Skin 1to6), (Lip 1to3), (Hair 1to4) (Dress & BG 1to6) (Gold 1to3).
  • Batch Level (1to8) Water Mark (800Px to 1000Px) Resize (800PX)

First of All you watch this video course/trick, you should be install on google chrome extension ZenMate, after that you will watch this video course. This Course hosted on youtube, but youtube is blocked on Pakistan. You should be install on personal browser ZenMate Google Chrome Extension. 

How to Retouch Image Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

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