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How to Resize Multiple Images Tutorial in Urdu


There are different software available on the web to Resize Multiple Images, but today I have shared very helpful software namely Image Resizer. You can simple install and Resize Multiple Images just a few seconds. There are different tools provided with us to Resize Multiple Images, but they are high loaded software and get more time to resize images. So, I have found Image Resizer Software, I have tried it than I have shared with you. If you face any problem to resize multiple images, I prefer to use Image Resizer Software. You can easily download it and Simple procedure of Installation.

Basically, Image resizes  very importantly to share multiple images with personal friends or share images on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ etc, you must be decreased images size then you can easily and quickly upload multiple images on the web as well. Otherwise, If you don’t resize the image and send with personal friends with using email or social network, you don’t save a time and your images get a couple of time to uploading.


However,  I have already used Adobe Photoshop CS6, but I faced difficulties to resize multiple images, I can’t resize multiple images, just I resize the single image and don’t save a time, but I found very helpful software namely Image resizer. After Install Image Resizer Software I have resized multiple images just a few seconds and saves time as well.

Furthermore, I have shared with you to How to Resize Multiple images with the help of Image Resizer Software. There are simple steps to resize the actual size of multiple images, Just you watch on my below video tutorial on this topic, After watch my video tutorial, I hope you can easily do it and you can easily understand image resizer software. Otherwise, If you have High-Level personal computer, and You are using Adobe Photoshop Version, You can use Adobe Photoshop on this work.

How Resize Multiple Images Tutorial in Urdu

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