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How to Add Responsive AdSense Units Tutorial in Urdu


Hello, users, I hope you all of fine today I have shared a very important tutorial about Add Responsive AdSense Units in your website and increase your AdSense earning. First of All of you have Google AdSense Account after that check visitors come on your website/blog and what those use devices. However, Simply Go to Google Analytics Tools and check visitors using devices. After that, you know as well about your site come, visitor, what those use devices. Basically, 50% visitors using Desktop Devices, 30% visitors using Mobile and 20% visitors using Tablet. If you do not use Responsive Ad units, your site desktop visitors seen your Ads as well but another device like Mobile and Tablet Users do’s not seen your Ads as well on your website. So, I have suggested you must be used Responsive AdSense Units in your website after that you all visitors display your site as well and get more earning in Responsive AdSense Ads.


Today I have made complete video tutorial on this topic, I have tech with you step by step in this video tutorial, I have already using it and I have shared this video with my users, if you have using AdSense you must be follow on my video tutorial, If you follow on my video it most beneficial and helpful for you.

How Does Check Visitors Using Devices?

It is very simple procedure to check visitors using devices, first of all, you will go to Google Analytics Account and sign in after that Google Analytics Complete Dashboard display on your screen, you simply click right side Audience Option after click you can see more options, you can click on Mobile Option after that you can see your site visitors using devices.

How to Add Responsive AdSense Units?

First of All, you go to AdSense Account and sign in with sign in click My Ad after that Enter Your Add Name and downsides display all recommended ads you can simply click on First Ads which default selected and get the code after receive code copies it and paste with the personal website if you want display Add.

How Does Check Responsive AdSense Units?

After complete two above steps, you can go to mobilemetest.com website and select any mobile device after select device you enter your website after entering your website you can see the complete website with Responsive AdSense ads display as well on your website.

I hope you have understood as well in this tutorial if you have any problem, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, you watch my video tutorial, I have discussed clearly and understand step by step, you can learn as well in this video.

Add Responsive AdSense Units Tutorial in Urdu

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