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Java Swing Set Look and Feel Tutorial in Urdu


Look and Feel is representative design pattern in Java, Look is apply with your application elements such as Shapes, Layout, Colors and Feel change your application performance of active elements like Menus, Buttons, ad Boxes. Basically, we are making an application with the help of Java, and we are using code editor IDE namely NetBean or any others.

NetBean is provided with us Design pattern mode, you can easily drop and drag elements and you can use elements different properties such as Sizes, Colors, Font-Size, Font Family and much more. But, you can make a single design pattern JFrame, and you can use elements different properties such Button Colors, Layout Colors, Borders etc, but you can make multiple J frames can you can use elements different properties one by one, you doesn’t save a time.

So, You can use Look and Feel library these use only change your application design completely and you can choose different design patterns, and you easily save a time. Kindly Follow on Below instructions.


How to Set Look and Feel?

First of You require an Look and Feel Jar file, Jar file you can easily download Now from Jtattoo website, then copy Jar file and go to project folder, make a single folder and paste with jtattoo jar file, then go to Net Bean Open Projects, then right-click Libraries Folder and click Add Jar/Folder File, then add Jtattoo file, these procedure completed, you can add jar file to your project.

Now, Complete above procedure go to JFrame and write code with above Constructor,  do not write below constructor, basically, if you have made multiple JFrame and you have included codes with below on Constructor, Look and Feel design pattern doesn’t apply all Frames, So, you must be write the code above Constructor. Code is:

  • UIManager.setLookandFeel(new com.jtattoo.plaf.)

Above codes is basic of Your setup Look and Feel theme, then you can choose any themes name and apply save, your frame pattern is changed, you can easily preview, that’s all, Furthermore, I have made a video tutorial on this topic, I hope video tutorial and helpful and beneficial for you, below, I have shared, you can watch and follow them, After watch video tutorial, I hope you can easily do it.    

Java Swing Set Look and Feel Tutorial in Urdu

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