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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tutorial in Urdu


Today I have shared very important video tutorial about Social Media Marketing.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) it is paid services if you want to promote your products, website/blog on Social Networks you will pay them after that Social Networks promote your products with targeted peoples, Millions different people used Social Networks. Most popular Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, everyone used them with a different purpose. You have seen different companies/educational etc, ads displayed on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc who have paid with Social Networks for promoting products, blog/website etc with targeted peoples.

However, I have shared already SMO (Social Media Optimization) you must be the watch, after watching SMO Tutorial you have got more ideas. Basically, SMO and Social Media Marketing is working  as different way, SMO is a worked free of cost, you have simply optimized a post and shared it after that Social Networks Displayed your post on your Website/ Company/ Services/ page interested users, Social Media Marketing is worked  so different versus SMO.

Social Media Marketing

Basically, I have made a Video Tutorial on this topic and I have discussed step by step about Social Media Marketing. I have discussed promote your product, blog/website with top Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Basically, I understand promote your products, blog/website above two top social networks, after watched my video tutorial, I hope you have understood as well and you will easily promote your products, website/blog with different Social Networks as well.

How to Promote Product, Website/Blog on Facebook?

I will be understanding about Boost your post on Facebook. First of All, you must be design a professional type image/video, after that included with attractive words on you post. Facebook provided with you different options like Gender, Countries, and targeted people’s options, you must be select these options carefully, after that, choose audience option for display on your ads. After that complete these procedure you select the budget for run an ad Facebook. That’s simple procedure, that’s same procedure for your promote your Facebook Page, but If you want to promote website on Facebook for receive traffic on your website, you must be made and four professional images with different type as you want to display on your targeted peoples, after complete these procedure you set a budget and simply run a Campaign. After running a campaign your ad review on Facebook after complete 15 minutes, your ad runs on Facebook.

How to Promote Product, Website/Blog on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn provided same options versus Facebook, but LinkedIn Provided Additional Options like Company, Jobs, Education, Groups and much more, If you want to display on your ads with these categories, you select any categories, If you have selected Company Categories, you must be entered Company name after that LinkedIn Display on Your Ads on You have select categories as you have selected. So, these same procedure way, you will easily promote on you product, website/blog on the different social network as well.

However, I hope you have understood as well if you have any problem for understanding this procedure, I have made a video training on this topic, after watch my video tutorial, you have easily understood and you can easily promote your product, website/blog on the social network as well.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tutorial in Urdu

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